Oct 302014

What?  WHAT? A $25 PayPal Give-Away to one of you for no reason at all?  WHOA! Where do I enter?  Well, you enter right here… below!!!

Founded by Julie Gerber in 2011 Away We Go was created to help independent authors promote their books in a variety of  social media.

In 2013, Julie was joined by Naila Moon and the company saw a name change to Away We Go Media. In addition, clients from different avenues were added with the focus still being independent authors. 

The company is small which allows for individual client attention. However, don’t be fooled, its smallness is also one of its greatest strengths. Away We Go Media has some of the best clients and is proud to represent all of them.

“Away We Go Media is going places and we want you to go too.”

Away We Go Media is offering a giveaway of $25 Paypal to one lucky winner. Enter in the Rafflecopter below.

Disclosure: XmasDolly was asked to promote this giveaway on behalf of Away We Go Media who is responsible for prize shipment.

The giveaway will run from Oct.29-Nov. 5 12 AM MST and is open worldwide. 18+ may enter.

Winner must have an active Paypal account and will be paid in US dollars only. It may take up to 4 weeks for payment. Winner will be chosen at random via Rafflecopter .org.  Winner must respond to an email sent to them within 48 hours or forfeit their prize.

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Oct 302014

Attention bloggers, another great blog opp for you!

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Oct 302014
Pick up a copy today!
It’s a great Halloween read!
Purchase: $2.99 on Amazon
Demons are they in our dreams or are they real?
A demon is a dark powerful visitor from another realm. True. A demon inside a dream is an imaginary construct that vanishes upon waking. True? Kip Livingston will tell you, false. Kip lives in Abasteron House and is a painter among the most talented of artists with an inspired imagination. She knows the truth because each night a winged creature with bone and muscle and greedy teeth plunged out invades her dreams. Even after she struggles to bolt awake, the dream remains a haunting dark master, breaking into her physical reality.

Kip turns to an exiled priest Raymond Kera who falls for her seductive charms. Raymond discovers that Kip’s night sea journey is a descent into the land of ghosts somewhere beyond consciousness, and he is compelled to enter her world to save her. Or will Kip have to save herself from the night demon?
Night Sea Journey is like reading a Dan Brown book with a wicked twist: it has real demons. Readers will be taken on a continual thrill ride. Excellent and impossible to put down. A fast-paced thriller where reality is blurred and faith is tested, guaranteeing to keep you enthralled until the very last word.” ~San Francisco Book Review
Cappa has that special gift of being able to make the supernatural natural, so polished is her prose and ability to string together ideas and development of same in a sustaining suspenseful manner. Even as she describes supernatural imagery her descriptive sense makes the quasi-visible visible. And that is a talent that will draw even those who are not keen on supernatural stories into her fold.” ~Grady H.
Paula Cappa has sailed into uncharted waters. Dreams, in many cultures are said to be omens or the visions of the souls desires. Dreams are the playground of the subconscious and susceptible to the influence of the supernatural. The subconscious is the true self Kip finds herself confronting desires, passions and fears that her waking self rarely if ever acknowledges. This is fine as long as the dreams stay dreamland, this story explores the “what if” of that dreamscape overlapping into day to day reality.” ~ImARareBird
This is Marie of XmasDolly’s and I am working/posting on behalf of Paula Cappa and Away We Go Media.

Best witch in town

 Halloween CAt