Jul 222009

Yesterday is gone, and today is here, but tomorrow what will it bring? I look back too much lately of where I have been and how different my life was, but yet somehow there are a few things I’d like to bring back. For example the way I looked. I was much healthier back then and much more active. I had many, many friends too. I gave up that life for my soul mate and my love, but much more my happiness. I never thought I’d find such happiness and contentment with this man, but now I look for the contentment within me. To be happy with me. Due to my body breaking down my exercises have been extremely limited lately, but at least I’m watching what I eat. I work at home, so there’s no really walking anywhere unless I go shopping. Well, I have the Nutrition Clinic on Friday so I need to tell them their prescription no longer works on me. If it ain’t one thing it’s another. Not even the B12 shots are working. Well, more next time. Guess I’m just not in the mood to Let it all hang out!

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