Oct 202009

Happy Birthday Bria, the big 9! My you’re getting so big and prettier everyday. This year Brianna wanted her birthday to be at a bowling alley. I’m sure fun was had by all. We had pizza and soda and a beautiful birthday cake. Daddy and Mommy was standing by to supervise everything even the games afterward in the game room. Yes, another game room with kids running around for those tickets to get those trinkets that break in the car even before they get home. What a scam! I still think we should take the kids to the show. The show by me has birthday parties with a special room, and even a couple of games, and afterward the kids go to see a cool movie. Oh well, what do I know. I’m only the NaNee. LOL Brianna is such a bright little girl doing pom-poms, and all kinds of outside activities from school. She was doing hip-hop classes last year not sure if she still is, but what she does she gives her all. Love you big girl! (picture: Mommy/Tricia, Birthday Girl/Brianna, and her cousin my son Tony’s little girl Nicole who just had a birthday in September 10th who is six).

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    awww beautiful daughter and granddaughters you have there ..OH wait that is me and my daughter and niece LOL Luv you MOM

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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