Nov 032009

I haven’t been at it that long is true, but there’s so many do’s and don’t it’s unbelievable. Some people have been doing it a long time & really swing around the computer & blog like they have been doing it for years. It may be easy for some, so when us non-bloggers do something wrong I guess the bloggers think we’re really not very smart & may even get offended. Well, heads up bloggers we will be where you are some day, and I don’t think you should look down on us trainees. Half the time things that go wrong are computers are different. Some faster, some slower, some have higher security, some don’t. Others things could be the browsers fault. SOooooooo ladies I just wanted to tell you hang in there. It’s really a whole lot of fun, and any time you want to give a shout out or have question just let me know. If I don’t have the answer I’ll find it for you. We’ll beat this thing yet! Good Luck all!

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