Nov 092009

THEN & NOW! I guess around the holidays we all get a little melancholy, and to all you mothers out there who’s babies are grown too, and you’re missing them I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND NOW! My children could be standing right in front of me & I miss them! They have grown, & have children of their own. I miss my little girl who use to change her clothes all the time because they got a little wet; who use to cling to my leg in the store because somebody looked at her, the baby that I had to lie to because she wouldn’t leave her ditty (pacifier) alone. I finally had to tell her the warehouse burned down & they don’t make those any more! HA HA – BUT IT WORKED! What a beautiful baby girl she was too with a precious smile!
I miss my oldest son’s fish lips when he use to come up to me, and pick up his little blond head & those gorgeous hazel eyes he’d look at me & say fish mommy, fish and then run and go & play with his “open-doors” (matchbox cars that the doors opened), and he’d talk to all the neighbors when he couldn’t even talk, but he thought he was. He just babbled on. I miss my Chubley who demanded attention all the time and couldn’t keep a diaper on & got into everything. Then there is the baby; our Missy Anne. She was a preemie, and we use to buy her doll clothes because she was so little. Baby doll clothes fit her perfect. She was only 3lbs 2oz when she was born, and she use to love going by her gramma’s. Now my oldest daughter is married and has four children of her own. My oldest son owns his own business and has two children. My youngest son has two daughters and lives 2 hrs away from me, and my baby girl lives out of State and has one child. I miss my babies. I miss holding and rocking them. I miss taking care of them, going to the store together and singing in the car. Watching TV, having supper together, kissing goodnight and their dependence on me, yes & even hollering at them GO TO BED. Now, they don’t need me anymore and I don’t get to rock them anymore or let them sit or rock on my hip. Here’s my babies before and after. I love you my babies. Miss you! What I wouldn’t give for one group hug with my babies!
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    we so need to take another picture standing in the same places lol


    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I know what you mean about missing them when they are right there next to you – my youngest is only 2 and I already miss his baby days. 🙂



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    I have young kids and miss them even being babies. I cry every time I put clothing away that they can’t wear anymore. I’m not a person that cries a lot. Being a mom is something else.

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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