Nov 122009

To all those who have served in this FREE country of ours, in any war, in any land to keep our country the way it is today I salute you.  To all those who have died to keep our freedom safe, who were injured or maimed.  To all our VETERAN’S may God bless you and yours.  May there be a place for you in heaven with peace and harmony.  I personally would like to thank two veterans the most my dad, who served in World War II Russell Sr. 1923 – 1980, and my brother, who served in the Viet Nam war Russell Jr. 1944 – 1989.  I love you and I am so proud to be the daughter/sister of two very brave men.

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    Hi! I wanted to thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for following. And, welcome to the world of blogging. It can be addicting. 🙂 I love these photos in this post, and the one of your mom and brother, too. Look forward to hearing more from you on your blog as you get your feet wet. Have fun with it!


    Arent’ these some of the most handsome men you’ve ladies laid your eyes on. Thanks grandpa and Uncle Russel for serving your country. Miss you both

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