Nov 192009
Below is my grandfather, Thomas my mother’s father.  Oh, how I looked up to this man.  He was the head of the family, and my grandmother met his every need.  The next picture is my grandmother, Nellie.  She is in the second roll on the left first one (below).  I don’t know when this was taken, but I’m going to guess she was in her 30’s maybe 40’s.  The lady next to her is my great-grandmother, and the gentleman is my great-grandfather.  The other ladies were her sisters.  I wanted to show you this because this is what held our family together back when I was little.  They were from Palermo, Sicily, and raised the old fashion way needless to say, and so was my mom.  Every Sunday we went to my gramma’s house for dinner, but on the holidays without a shadow of a doubt Grandma’s and Grampa’s.  Oh how I looked forward to going there.  I loved them so much.  Although gramma picked me out from her many grandchildren 16 to be exact to help out in the kitchen.  Not only cook, but also dishes.  Oh boy!  No matter what meal we had we always had spaghetti.  There was food galore, and there was love and happiness in the air.  Oh how I remember those days so vividly as if they were yesterday.  I’d say it was the happiest time of my life when I was a child.  We were a very close family back then, and we had respect. 
I miss them so much, but I also know that if I have guardian angels they have to be Gramma on my left and Grandpa on my right.  Have a great day!
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    What amazing history……..and photos.


    That is so cool. I love the stories that are passed on.


    very cool love it u need to write the name of everyone on the back of the picture


    Very cool pics – I love the old black and white pictures – there is something so regal about them. Thanks for visiting my blog too!


    Old photos are so cool! I wonder what how photos of today will reflect in the future.

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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