Nov 202009

Nutrition Clinic today to weigh in.  Earlier I mentioned that I’ve started a diet to lose weight, and get back my health.  Right now I’m on 11 pills a day.  One of course is my multi-vitamin (I get at Aldi’s), and another is Calcium pills  (also Aldis), twice a day for my Osteoporosis.  I’m  supposed to be taking a pill for that on Saturdays, but it looks like I won’t be because I have two doctors fighting over who should refill it.  My Ortho says my GP can fill it now that I don’t come to him anymore, and my GP says the Ortho should refill it because he prescribed it.  Tsk Tsk Children.  

I’m on disability, and Medicare pays for a large portion of my medical bills, but since the back surgery etc. I have Aetna Medicare, which is a supplement, and costs $200 a month (I’m too young for AARP).  I received a letter from Aetna stating they are no longer going to insure people in Kane County & I would need to switch carriers, and sent me a list to choose from.  I called Humana and come January I will have Humana and I get to stay with my same doctors.  Woo Hoo That’s very cool, and better yet it is for FREE!  Oh, Happy Day!

Right now though I’m in a donut hole with my prescription refills and I had to switch many prescriptions over to Walmart to try and get their $4 plan.  So, far it’s working and only had to change a few.  Medicine is extremely costly.  My heart pill alone cost $102 per month, but it’s all straightened out now.  I don’t want to tell you that long boring story, but I will say I really had to work for it.

Back to my weight.  I lost another 4.2 lbs.  Woo Hoo (applause goes here)… okay, it’s not much, but at least I didn’t gain 4.2lbs.  So, I broke that ice I’m under 260 now & I weigh 256.2 lbs.  Okay, next time I’d like to be under 250.  WISH ME LUCK!  Next appointment 3 wks.

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    Thanks for stopping by to see me and becoming my newest follower! congratulations on the weight loss, every little bit counts! Hope you get the prescription stuff taken care of. Gotta love insurance 🙂

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