Nov 252009

What do I have to be thankful for you say?  This lady right here.  The sweetest love of my life.  My Aunt Mitzi.  So, let’s see what can I say about two of my most favorite people in the world.  First of all to the left of course is my Aunt Mitzi, and if you look real close you will see a halo around her head because she’s such an angel (hehe – only kidding).  She has always been like a second mom to me.  It’ll be her birthday on Friday, and she will be 86 yrs. old.  She lives with her son Tommy now, and he takes care of her.  Her other son Jimmy (who is a journalist in Washington D.C.) is coming in for the holidays, and she’ll be staying with him for a week.  Then she has an older daughter in Matteson, and they’re going there for turkey tomorrow.  My daughter Tricia, to the right is my oldest child (also known as NightOwlMama), and I went to see her yesterday for Thanksgiving and her birthday along with my sweet step-brother Paulie (he’s a peach).  We all had a great time, and I took movies and we took pictures.  I just love her soooo much.  Isn’t she sweet and she is sweet inside too.  She was always there for me, and man she use to be able to cook anything, and it was so good.  She doesn’t cook these days, but I remember.   So, for this Wordless Wednesday I’m sharing with you.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUNT MITZI, I LOVE YOU.

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    aww, Happy Birthday to your Aunt Mitzi!!

    And happy Thanksgiving to you!!


    WORDLESS WED IS 3 posts down on my blog you have to look for it and add you link at 7clown circus


    pssstttt this is WORDLESS wednesday not WORDFUL wed. LOL
    happy BIRTHDAY auntie

    INFOrmation OVERLOAD MOM tone it down. THey are blog hopping and don’t have time for BLah blah blah LOL LUV YOU!


    Sorry you couldn’t get the video to load! :o( Happy Birthday to your sweet aunt!! Happy THanksgiving too!! :o)


    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Happy Thanksgiving to your wonderful family.
    You say whatever you want on your blog that’s the point! My daughter does the same thing to me ( “too much, not enough, no political stuff mom, yada, yada” Lol!


    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!


    Yep, I see the Halo:) My Nanny will turn 80 this Saturday and we are having a big party. I love celebrating with amazing women like this.

    Happy to have you as a follower as well!

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