Nov 282009
Just look at those kids.  My daughters and my youngest son (the oldest boy couldn’t make it).  First of all let me tell you that the first child, she’s 40, my son is 30, and my youngest is 29.  Do you think they’ll ever grow up???  Sneaking out the back there is my granddaughter (my boy’s oldest child) she’s 11.  So, it was a wonderful meal.  My turkey the meat was falling off the bone, and my gravy finally was excellent.  I haven’t had this nice of a Thanksgiving in a long time.  It was great, and we even celebrated my grandson’s birthday.
Our Lil “G”. He turned four.  He loves Nascar so his Auntie MiMi from Iowa made him a racecar/track birthday cake at the request of his Mommy.  It was mm mm good.  So, my poor hubby had to work on Friday, but he came home to our little crew, and had fun too.  So three out four children, and seven out of nine grandchildren came for Gobble Day.  Hope you had a fun time too.  I know this was the best one I had in a very long time.
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  3 Responses to “What I am still Thankful for.”


    Looks like a really nice Thanksgiving holiday. Love the photo with your kids. Classic!


    Looks like y’all had a wonderful holiday. Great pics!


    What a really cute cake!

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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