Dec 162009

I remember when my children were little, and we’d be in the car singing and playing games.  We use to have great fun.  Anytime we went some where we would sing.  They use to fight some times, and I’d yell, “Don’t make me pull this car over”.  Yes, memories are wonderful, and I have some pretty wonderful memories too.  Like here’s one my oldest daughter and youngest son reenacting what they use to do when they were little.   Oh joy, now their little ones are doing the same thing.  Payback is a son-of-gun isn’t it?  hahahaha, but it’s Christmas and we must play nice.  My hubby even helped put up the Christmas tree this year, and my wonderful Christmas town.  Why he even made a video about it. 

That’s my hubby for ya.    LOL  Merry Christmas.
Hope you had a nice time walking down memory lane with me.

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  28 Responses to “WORDFUL WEDNESDAY/Those were the days my friends!”


    He sounds like a voice over guy. 🙂




    Aw that’s cute.


    I love it! Happy WW!


    I love your Christmas town and your tree, too. 🙂 My kids would absolutely love the Santa climbing up the ladder.


    WoW love all the decor — that santa is too cute!


    It sounds like a commercial! Your Christmas town rocks!!! You have serious Christmas magic at your place.


    Very awesome and helps from hubby…makes it all worth it!


    What great memories 🙂


    Loved the Santa helper. Your hubby sounds like Adam Sandler.
    My link is in my name,Happy WW


    HA!!! WOW, those are some SERIOUS decorations!!! How fun…loved the video.


    I love looking back and remembering; my kids do too. They are still in the phase where they sing in the car constantly (and fight sometimes too!). 🙂


    Too cute. Happy WW!


    What a special treat. He has a great t.v./radio voice.
    Merry Christmas!


    Wow, your collections is incredible and that climbing Santa is adorable.

    Cute video. Kudos to your husband. 🙂


    Your hubby is hilarious. I just love your tree and Santa!


    I couldn’t watch your video because I am sitting in my coffee shop and I forgot my earbuds 🙁

    But I know all about grown up kids. My daughter is the oldest and she used to beat up on her little brother. Now no one says anything when he beats up on her. Payback 🙂



    Stopping from Seven Clown Circus.


    How funny! My son would love that Santa.


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    Haha!! Your santa is too cute!! You have a huge Christmas town!! My mom has a small one she puts up every year!! Merry Christmas!


    That Santa is just too cute!!


    So much fun : ) I remember our car trips fondly when I was young. I am sure my parents do not remember them QUITE as fondly : ) Isn’t there always fighting in the car? I think it is standard : )


    very nice Mom Santa is cool


    🙂 I need to start saying that to my kids when driving 🙂 They are starting to bicker too much now…or we could try singing.

    Your tree/town looks Sooo cool! I love it! There’s santa climbing a ladder!!! My kids would go spastic for that.

    And your hubs have a very good digital voice.

    Merry Christmas!


    I’ve never seen that Santa toy before! That is so cute! And your husbands voice sounds so professional!!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and following! I am going to do the same!!


    Such sweet memories. I can’t wait to do that stuff with my boys! And I love your Christmas decorations and your tree is so pretty!


    Such sweet memories. I can’t wait to do that stuff with my boys! And I love your Christmas decorations and your tree is so pretty!

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