Dec 232009

CHRISTMAS PAST (1989).  Years ago in my apartment days raising four children in a small apartment was a little crowded, but we were happy and we were ALWAYS elaborate.  I think I was Santa’s elf in my past life, but anyway we were happy, and we were together. 

My two oldest children they stuck together like glue, and still are to this day, and just one more pic I’d like to share is my very first grandchild and myself.  I was so proud of him then, and I’m still so proud of him now.  (You can see him now in a blog or two ago with my oldest son).
Then of course there’s Christmas present.
 Merry Christmas, everyone!
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  6 Responses to “Wordful Wednesday – Christmas past”


    Awwwww! Nothing like reflecting back. Merry Christmas.


    I like old pictures.

    Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!


    LOL Memories of old. Who’s the kid I’m hugging. O thats my brother w/ hair lol

    Awww look its my Rybread, RyRy


    Awww, I love looking at old holiday photos. So many memories.


    So glad to meet you! Thanks for stopping my blog too! Have a wonderful Christmas!


    I love looking at christmas pics from christmas’s past!! Have a blessed holiday!

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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