Dec 262009

It’s my favorite time of year needless to say hence the name!  I can remember when I was a little girl my dad taught me a poem that he learned when he was just a boy for school, and now I’ll share with you.

I had a wound up engine it ran around the floor.
Daddy played and played with it, and then he played some more.
This year I’ll get him a gift, an engine of his own.
Now he’ll play with his toys, and leave mine alone.

Well, I gave my dad a granddaughter years ago, and she was his new toy I must admit, and Grandpa was hers.  They were always together. 
Grandpa’s new toy today.  Some of you call her NightOwlMama.

Last night, my husband and I spent Christmas Eve with his side of the family as we do every year.  Chinese food for dinner, as we do every year, and then open presents and some relaxation and light chit chat.  It was a great time. 

This morning it was my husband and I, some quality time for us.  You see this isn’t my Christmas yet.  I don’t like when my children come over, and stay for an hour or maybe two and have to run off to the in-laws, and maybe eat a quick dinner here or maybe just dessert. I decided I’m greedy I want them for the whole day a long time ago, and now we always do our Christmas the weekend after, so my Christmas won’t be until Sunday, and I get to have my babies for the whole day including my brother and his wife.  Yep, the whole day!  I don’t mind.  It’s always pleasant to relax and have fun. 

So, I hope everyone had a great Christmas, and Santa was as good to you as he has been to me so far. 

A very Merry Christmas to all and to all a good – night!

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    Miss Grandpa

    Nice Christmas Eve too

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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