Dec 302009

Christmas is over, and now to take off these Christmas cookies stuck to my hips, and this Christmas pudding making my butt wiggle. 

Here we go, one, two, three, four — oh good Lord, I can’t get up from this floor… five, six, seven, eight… NO MORE CHOCOLATE CAKE!

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  7 Responses to “Wordful Wednesday – Christmas is over…”


    Cute! you ain’t kidding about the cookies on the hips! OMG I ate so much!


    I need to do that too.



    hahaha…love the cheer! 🙂


    That cat took the words right out of my mouth! Hope you had a great christmas!


    Ba ha ha!!! LOL. I love this. I’m with you on the cookies stuck on my hip. Happy New Year!


    THAT is too funny! I love it… but I can’t wish that on my friends, I like them… Oh, hell, yes I can!! 🙂
    I have eaten SO many Christmas cookies, I am going to turn into a cookie any day now.
    Hope you have a wonderful new years eve and a fabulous 2010!!


    That is so funny because I have a picture hanging in my kitchen that says that. My Hubby gets a kick out of it. lol

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