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“In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that we take it easy and look forward to the weekend. So I thought that on Fridays I would take it easy on posting, too. Therefore, I’ll ask a simple question for you to answer. Nothing that requires a lengthy response.

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Here’s my question:  Do you remember back in the day when there were no computers?  All there was was TV or maybe a good book.  What did you do before computers?  What was your favorite TV show (prior to computers)?

Before computers I used a typewriter.  My favorite TV shows to name a few were Fame, Hill Street Blues, and the infamous Barney Miller.  That show cracked me up.

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    there’s this huge blank in my brain before this whole computers generation:P jk of course.. idk… i used to watch The Simpsons and Seinfeld when i was a kid/teenager.. and hanging out with friends.. but i guess this computer thing was also part of my teenage years:) so that’s that!

    happy Friday and my Aloha is up too:)


    hmmm gosh mom

    Remember Welcome Back Cotter LOL
    or how about

    I used to watch MTV all the time.
    Still do lol well sometimes

    Brady Bunch was always a good one

    thats all I’m showing my age

    OH Remmeber Giggle snort Hotel on the Ray raineer show LOL okay I think I was like 10 or younger then…I’m leaving your blog now


    Wow, that was a really long time ago, lol. My fav shows as a kid were cartoons, of course, but I loved Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom!


    I did a lot of sewing and crafts. Baking and shopping. Now as for TV not much watching.
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    Yes, I definitely remember days before computers were really big. Still remember the day my parents got an electric typewriter and our Commodore 64 computer.


    Great ?? It’s amazing that since having a computer, I wonder how we got along without them. My favorite shows were Mash (lol), 20/20, The Cosby Show, Miami Vice to name a few. And, of course, always having a good book in hand.
    My ? is posted here: http://cmashlovestoread.blogspot.com


    Absolutely! I am plenty old enough to recall actually need ing to use a card catalogue and going to real libraries to research things. Before computers I think society spoke more, read more, and was more inclined to think more. I did not watch a lot of telly, however I loved Hill Street Blues, my husband enjoyed Hawaii 5-O.


    I was a reader and still am!!


    I definitely remember life before computers and once upon a time we were all forced to use something that doesn’t exist anymore in society, an imagination. 🙂 We had an old TI90 then a Commodore64 so it seems I was always doing something on a computer however it was more for fun and our lives didn’t depend on computer use like it does now days. Sometimes I think those days were better. I used to love MacGyver. 🙂 Happy Friday!


    Before computers I wrote everything.

    My favorite TV show? I did’t really watch TV, so …. I don’t know. Ummm.. All in the Family? I watched that as a little girl.


    That’s tough. One of our first computers was when I was in high school so I probably was playing outside, reading books, all that good for you stuff. It’s such a different world now, isn’t it?


    Before computers I would actually write letters & send cards to people – now sadly it’s emails.

    One TV show that pops into my mind is NYPD Blue – I always loved that show.


    I still used my typewriter the first two years of college until my roommate let me use her Apple IIe. I watched MTV to the dismay of my mother, plus the shows on Thursday (Cosby/Family Ties), and Saturdays (Diffrent Strokes/Silver Spoons). I still love to read when I get a chance.


    Before computers I didn’t have tv either, so it was basically books all the way through!


    I was born in 1984….so right when computers were starting to be in our lives. When I was in 3rd grade we had a home computer with games on it. But even then I prefered a good book over the computer! I loved Laura Ingalls Wilder so much!


    Before computers I don’t remembered what I did.

    My favorites shows were Fame and watch lots of MTV.

    Have a nice weekend.

    Thanks for visiting and became a follower of my blog. (I’m already a follower of your blog).


    Before the computer, I read more and played more. I probably should get back to that again.


    Before the computer I hung out with my friends more and did more things. I use to watch 21 jump street, nypd blue.


    I read and watched a variety of sitcoms and movies.


    Since we got our first computer when I was about 5…I don’t really remember life without it. But, 5 or 6 of us shared 1 little desktop computer. I was friends with a handful of kids on my block and we used to just go to everyone’s houses and play 🙂


    I’ve always loved sci-fi ever since I was small. I used to like to watch old Star Trek reruns as well as Buck Rogers reruns. But Smurf was my favorite. Remember, there used to be Saturday morning cartoons?!?

    Happy Friday!


    I’m dating myself now….but I don’t think I hardly ever used a computer in college. Funny to think now. I was a reader….LOVED books.


    I read tons of books before computers… Then I too, remember getting our first Commodore64… big, ugly machine!
    I’ve always been a cop show fan, so I watched Hill Street Blues, Cagney and Lacey, and MacGuyver.
    I also love medical shows so M*A*S*H and St. Elswhere were great shows, too.


    I used to play with Barbies – lol!

    I remember watching TGIF at my dad’s house and 90210 before it changed.

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