Jan 212010

Okay, it’s really cold out so this is the day to make homemade soup like Gramma use to make.  Here she comes walking in the St. Joseph’s Parade & wearing her stole.  She loved that cape.  Hi, Gram!  God rest her lovely soul!

This soup has everything, and more.  Chicken legs, beef neck bones, garlic, celery, carrots, stewed tomatoes, and I threw in a couple of parsnips (sorry Gram, they were in the frig).  Spices galore, and then the little tiny spaghetti Gramma called them an Italian word.  Never did find out what that meant in English.  lol, but boy is that soup good!  ENJOY!

Uh-oh, better call the kids!  They’ll never forgive me ~snicker~  Been simmering all day!

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  10 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday – Soup’s on!”


    Great pictures. The soup looks yummy.




    Homemade soup? Mmmm… yummy!


    What the…I go out of town for 2 days and you make such yummy soup.Delicious.Mom!!

    My mom makes the best soup


    Mmmm soup! How nice that you can carry on your Gram’s legacy through her recipes. Great pic of her too!


    Soup tastes best on a cold winter day. I’ll have a bowl please!


    i agree with them, that looks really yummy! 🙂 thanks for the visit Dolly 🙂 im following u too now!


    I absolutely love homemade soup. I’m a big soup person.


    That’s some yummy looking soup!
    And how sweet of your daughter to say that you make the best soup.


    Love the photos and yes soup for the times.

    I love me some good soup!

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