Jan 252010
“This house is clean”.  Ah, yes this blog is clean… ~he-he~  My daughter came over today and cleaned my blog from old buttons advertising the holidays, and such.  ALSO… ANNOUNCING THE VERY FIRST (drum roll  please –) XMASDOLLY BUTTON!!!  TA-DAH!!  (omg, I gotta get a life – the littlest things excite me – lol).  Yes folks, introducing my very first button if you will notice on your right here.  Take a look.  Copy it and take it home!  Now, just a little story behind this button.  The doll you see was given to my mother on a Valentine’s Day on a Heart Candy Box from my dad (isn’t that romantic – ahhhhhhhhhhh – swooning goes here) many years ago.  Yes, she kept it all these years, and always put it out at Christmas time, hence the name XmasDolly.  This doll was passed down to me as I will pass it down to my daughter, and by the way in case you didn’t know my house (blog) cleaner none other than (NO, NOT TANGINA SILLY SHE ONLY DOES THAT IN MOVIES), not only my daughter, but she is our very only fellow-blogger “NIGHTOWLMAMA”.  Yes, she cleaned up, and moved em’ out! Also, fixed my button that her oldest son MY number one grandson by the way — made for me (I have such a talented family.  HUH breathing on nails & now shinning them on my chest.  he-he), and then we all went shopping the rest of the day.  Such excitement I think I need to go rest now.   Okay, sorry to bore you, but that was my day today.  How U doin?
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  7 Responses to “THIS BLOG IS CLEAN! ~~hehe~~”


    Thanks for the shout out Mom I love you, too!

    Had fun shopping today. Luv hugs and kiss


    Wow, how cool is that your grandson made your button? I didn’t know that NightOwlMama is your daughter. 🙂


    Love the button…I just grabbed it and ran lol


    Sounds like a great day to me!! Have a great week!!


    Your blog looks fantastic.

    Have a nice week.


    Ooh a mom and daughter this is so sweet.

    I do visit Ms owl 🙂

    I will now go grab your button


    Let me tell you, I AM swooning!
    I love the button and have added it to my right sidebar. Don’t feel bad that you got so excited about getting your button, I remember when I got mine, I was just as excited… I told everyone, too!! 🙂

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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