Jan 272010

                   One hospital emergency room.

What we have here is my Monday night.  We have an old pair of very worn slippers I refuse to throw away going down an old flight of basement stairs, and then all meeting up at the hospital emergency room because I had back surgery & I have four screws and a plate where the L4 & L5 use to be.   I didn’t just miss one or two steps, but all of them like eight or nine.   Even though I held onto that railing for dear life on the way down I just couldn’t stop myself and bounced all the way to the bottom still holding on to the railing.   With every hard hit  I  saw stars, and the pain I felt was unbelievable. My husband took me about nine p.m., and due to the over abundance of patients (I never saw) I was told this was the reason for the long wait.  We didn’t go home until approximately 3:00 a.m.   Long story short.  No broken bones, very bad bruising, and bed rest for a few few days.  They were all very nice people, but it was like hurry up and wait!  Dang, that was inferiorating.  So, I may be really, REALLY sore, but I’ll live.  PROMISE!  ~tee-hee~

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    Oh my goodness!!! So glad you are okay. Get plenty of rest and feel better soon!


    Im so glad you werent hurt anymore than you are already,bless your heart honey,throw those shoes away!



    I found your blog through Amanda Dixon’s. 🙂

    And wow….what a Monday you had! At least there were no broken bones!!

    Hope you are feeling better,



    My goodness! I hope you recover very soon! Take care of yourself!
    Happy WW!


    Oh no!!! How scary! Glad there are no broken bones. You get some rest and get rid of those slippers. 😛


    those look pretty new too mom

    HUGS hope your feeling better LOVE YOU

    Follow @Dearfoams on twitter maybe you can win a pair of NEW slippers 🙂


    Wow, glad you didn’t break anything. Hope your bruises heal soon.


    Oooh glad she is okay! We had short steps at our old farmhouse and everyone has taken a slide or two or three or four….you get the picture.



    Ouch! I hope you are alright!! I have done things like that before and always feel silly explaining it to the Dr’s in the E.R.

    happy WW!


    Yikes! Glad no bones are broken. I’ve fallen down our stairs, but only about 4 of them before I hit the landing. The pain and bruising was awful though! I can’t imagine the pain from falling down 8 or 9 of them!


    Oh my goodness! I’m glad you are ok!


    OMG, hope you recovers soon.

    Take care


    oh no that is terrible, get better soon!


    ouch! so sorry to hear! I hope you feel better soon, take lots of meds and let people wait on you!

    Thanks for swinging by my place.


    Wonderful blog… Thanks for following mine I followed back… I really enjoyed your blog…

    Happy Mom Of 5


    OMG !!!!! You are so lucky. Knowing (having same problem) that there is a tremendous fear of falling especially w/the hardware. You must be so sore not only falling down that many stairs but tensing up due to that fear. Rest up, become a coach potato and “read that book” LOL Hoping you feel better soon!!!!


    Wow that is scary. Glad you are ok and there were no broken bones.

    That reminds me of one time when my sister fell down some stairs at my old house. She fell all the way down too. And she did break her big toe! Ouch!

    Take care & maybe get some new slippers – lol.

    Thanks for following me – I’m following you too.


    –>Please throw those shoes away!



    Oh no. I’m SO sorry. Glad nothing was broken.


    Hope you get to feeling better.


    Hope you are feeling better and on your feet soon!


    I’m reading that and was scared for you!!! I’m so glad you are alright!

    Now stay in bed and be pampered for a change!

    I hope you feel better sooner.


    Oh my goodness you poor thing! I can only imagine! My mom was over here babysitting my son and missed the bottom two steps while carrying him downstairs. Luckily she held him the whole fall and he was without a mark, she ended up with screws and plates where she broke both bones in her lower leg straight through. My heart goes out to you.


    Oh, God, I was holding my breath as I read your post… all the way to the end. I’m so glad you don’t have to have the hardware replaced and everything is still where it is supposed to be.
    Please take care of yourself, get some rest, take your meds and get rid of those slippers. 🙂
    HUGE HUGS coming your way!!


    YIKES! Hope you’re healing up quickly and so thankful for no broken bones! Take care~



    Glad you’re ok! How are you feeling now?

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