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Good-Morning Monday.  Let’s go outside, and put the mail out first.  Oh my, Saturday’s mail still in the box.  My bad..  A cup of coffee, my medications, and a piece of toast. Hmmm, Bills, advertisements, and the Rolling Stone magazine for the hubby.  I push the bills aside, and then I saw it.  YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!! 

This is what I saw.  This is what our children are seeing, and reading?  They have got to be kidding me.  This child’s not only has bared half his tattooed body, but half of his dam underwear is showing, and what is that on his shoulders his dam hair?  Lord have mercy!  Is this what we want our children to see, to follow & look like, to read about?  They’re advertising that this so called singer not only has a tattoo on every part of his body, but he’s also going to jail?  This is what we want our children to see and read to fashion themselves after?

Rolling Stone you have gone too far.  Isn’t there some rules that you have to follow?  I mean if you want adults to see this crap then only sell to adults.  Make it a rule that they have to be at least over 18 to buy the magazine.  All and all don’t get me wrong the articles inside are worth reading such as Rock for Haiti. – Rock & Roll – Rockers Unite for Haiti Benefits.  What an awesome line up of stars.  The show was phenomenal.  To tell you the truth there are some good articles, but most of the magazine is full of advertisement.  HOLLYWOOD YOU NEED TO CLEAN UP  YOUR ACT!


None of my children nor grandchildren will ever listen to this man’s songs nor read this magazine!  Us mother/grandmothers and fathers/grandfathers we have to stand up, and unite against this kind of thing.  It is so out of control. 

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    You preach it!!! AMEN, sista!!


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    You’re telling the truth. I actually saw him on tv the other day and the thought of how in the world he is famous popped into my head.
    Also, Rolling Stone is a magazine I use to enjoy until I was looking through it one day and there naked photos from Bonnaroo in it. Gross… If I had wanted to see all that I would have went.


    Is that a gun in his lap? I she posing like he just shot himself? Maybe it’s me…but that’s what I took from this picture. You are right to be mad! This stuff is not safe for kids!




    Wow, why are they playing up the whole going to jail thing? That is certainly nothing to be proud of.

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    I agree! My hubby gets this magazine & when I pulled it out today I gasped. They have gone too far because you know every child in the supermarket is going to see this & think it is ok to be like this..UH!
    My child will NEVER listen to his music – either.


    The less publicity he gets, the better.


    Hit ’em in the pocket book!
    Cancel your subscription…it’s about the only thing that works these days:-(


    Not surprised! Rolling Stone often has gone too far. I don’t read them or buy them.


    I agree with you 100% However, Rolling Stone has only gone further. I’ve lost faith in it a long time ago. I don’t even give it a second look on stalls anymore.

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    Rolling Stone is not a kids magazine nor does it position itself for children. It looks to the 16-24 male demographic. Seems like a good role model of a ex-con with gang tattoos who ends up in jail. Reverse psychology


    I hear you and I agree…. my 12 yr old asked for Rolling stone last year so I got him a subscription.. it had been a long time since I read it and back then I remembered it a lot cleaner…

    He got the first 2 issues and they seemed fine and then he got one with the girl on the front was covered in nothing but plastic bubbles and that’s when I started screening the issues… I see them first and if I don’t like them he doesn’t get them…

    I wished I had checked in to this a little further before getting a years worth of magazines he can’t even have…


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    I agree!!!! Its so hard to find decent media for our kids these days!


    I agree, this guy is no one for the kids to look up to. Too bad there aren’t many celebrities that can be considered role models for younger people. It seems like magazines/news or the media in general focus on all the negative things and people and rarely spotlight the ones who are doing good and positive things. It takes a catastrophe for them to acknowledge something/someone doing good.
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    I agree with you. That is sick!


    I think that they have gone to far also.


    I see a mag like that, I’m NOT even looking twice.

    This should not be the way to get on front page.

    I’m sick of the reporting that only shows negative and nothing about all the positive and great , awesome things going on in the world.


    LoL, I cancelled my subscription to them a few years ago..
    They have gotten so far away from music…


    This is an old post…but I’ll be brave and admit..I really do like his music. Do I hope my kids emulate him…not so much.

    Rolling Stone slipped when they had a teenaged Britney Spears in her skivies hugging a teletubbie on the cover…bizarre.

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