Feb 142010

The other day I told you ladies how jealous I was of all your beautiful babies, and how I was going to post all my babies for all of you too see too!  Now the only thing is mine is the before and after, and you have to wait for a while for your after.  So without further ado…

This young man is baby number two, my first boy Anthony Joseph a.k.a. Cuddles.  Yes, he came home from the hospital in a Christmas stocking (born on the 23rd).  When I use to put him in bed with me at two a.m. he’d finish his bottle, and manuever his little body towards me, and cuddle.  He was so funny.  Did it every time.  He was also a bottle baby (no pacifier).  He had that bottle until he was almost three I believe.  Yes, he was my blonde hair, blue eyed baby.  Everyone thought he came from the mailman because neither one of  us had these traits, but his grandpa’s did!

Anyway, now this fine young man has turn into the man of the family that is his own family, and the owner of a board-up business, and is doing quite well.  Ladies and Gents please meet my son today, Tony with his daughter Nicole.

*Stay tuned for number three possibly tomorrow, but because of Valentines Day it may be on Monday.  Thanks for letting me brag a little.  Have a great day!

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  10 Responses to “NUMBER TWO!”


    Aww….such a sweet post 🙂

    Happy Valentine’s Day!!


    He was so cute! He came home in a Christmas stocking? He must’ve been pretty little.

    The picture of him and your grandbaby is precious.


    You’re proud of your kiddos…brag all you want! Such a sweet story! Your granddaughter is precious.


    I always wonder what my kids will grow up to be ! Your son is so handsome. Love the old photos and story !!


    Happy Valentine’s Day!


    So nice meeting your family. It looks like, in the recent picture, that his nickname is still appropriate…cuddling and hugging his daughter.
    Cheryl Mash
    P.S. WTG on all your new followers!!!


    My Baby Brother…and his baby girl. Love this post Mom


    You are allowed to brag about your fine babies. They all give so much to what is a mother’s relationship.

    I rarely get to see parents talk about their older children so this if quite fun!


    Keep on Braggin, cute you got to bring him home in a stocking 🙂


    What an adorable little boy… who turned into a handsome dad.
    You did great mom!!

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