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This is my third child, Angelina Anne-Marie. It grieves me to say that she is also my “Guardian Angel”, and the empty space in my heart. You see she is no longer with us. She’s back in heaven due to S.I.D.S four months after she arrived. I only have a few pictures of her, but fortunately this studio picture was done thanks to my dad to save and cherish. Although, Angel did breath on her own after the fact it was unknown how to help her. The SIDS foundation contacted me with a million questions about her, but they couldn’t put two and two together no matter how they tried. Even while she was breathing on her own she was getting tired, and they just didn’t know how to help her. This was in 1977. I wondered why the research wasn’t done.

You see back in 1977 Sudden Infant death Syndrome was not called a disease. Why you ask? Because babies don’t vote! Yes, that’s the answer I got. Not until 1991 was it declared a disease. (I believe this is the date. I had the article, but I’m sorry I cannot lay my hands on it at the moment).

Well, it has been declared. It IS a disease, and they have researched. “The CJ Foundation for SIDS’ mission is to reduce the risk of future infant deaths, support families who have suffered a loss and fund medical research so that no new families have to endure the pain of losing their infant”.
Angel’s older sister, Tricia aka, NightOwlMama has been writing a few articles regarding Sudden Infant Death Syndrome for CJ Foundation. There’s information that even I didn’t know at their website. Who would of thought that my own child would give her mother such peace with this wonderful information that I’ve yearned for for so many years. You see everything happens for a reason, and I believe God sent me two angels. One in heaven, and one here on earth, my Tricia.

When you lose a child, and all the doctor can say to you is we don’t know why this happens. I’m sorry. What do you tell your heart why it is breaking? How do you go on with life when you hurt so deeply. How did I go on? I had two babies at home that needed me, and Angel was still within my heart. I’m very proud of my daughter for taking on such a project, and doing such a thorough job. It’s been many years since this happened, but to me it was yesterday.

So you see I’m special. I have my very own “Guardian Angel”, and an Angel here on earth.
Now, here’s the good news: A study partially funded by the C.J. Foundation for S.I.D.S. has revealed a likely link between low serotonin levels in infants, and S.I.D.S. This is a significant breakthrough for doctors, and researchers in the field as they close in on the mysterious cause of infant deaths.

In 2002, the medical journal Pediatrics published a study that explained why babies who are swaddled sleep more peacefully by preventing spontaneous movements (called reflex motion) from waking them up continually during the night. The same year, the Journal of Applied Physiology wrote that swaddled infants stay in REM sleep (the most restorative, deepest sleep) longer than those who were not. There is growing evidence every year that swaddling may indirectly help prevent SIDS, as well.

The CJ Foundation would like to remind parents and caregivers that overheating is a leading risk factor for SIDS, which increases during the cold winter months due to uneducated parents and caregivers who think that cranking the heating is good for their babies.


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    I’m so sorry to read that you went through this. I can’t imagine. Sending you huge huge hugs.

    My girls are asleep already, so I will blow them some kisses and say they are from you. :o)


    I went through the loss of a baby too… and that is the hardest thing to work through in the world. My blessings to you. Nice to hear about the minor breakthrough in SIDS. Hopefully it’ll lead to some kind of cure!


    I’m in tears. I’m sorry you lost your precious baby.

    My baby is four months old right now, and it’s one of my fears. I can’t sleep well…I’m always checking on her. In a way, I’m almost glad she wakes me up in the middle of the night for feeding. When she sleeps through the night, I jump off the bed and run to her to make sure she’s ok.

    I will definitely go and check it out.


    well hello xmas dolly! thank you so much for coming by my blog and for your lovely comment. it’s nice to meet you! and in batavia yet! i used to live in north aurora (randall & oak)! small world.

    i had a dear friend, back in the 70’s who lost her first child to SIDS too. how sad, but how blessed. and you are right, she is your GUARDIAN ANGEL!

    now, i am a new follower of yours and i have just one question…. what is your name????

    looking forward to getting to know you and your work. maybe we can “meet up” once the weather gets nice!

    hugs ♥


    My heart broke for you when I met this little angel…and how ironic as to what you named this precious baby. You are lucky that you DO have a special Angel watching over you (and I truly believe that). I can’t say I even have a clue what you must have gone thru except that I am familiar with SIDS as a cousin went thru the same heartache and hubby and I were the ones that helped. You are a special MOM to have continued for your other little ones when a piece of your heart was gone. GF…you are special !!!


    So sorry to hear about your loss.


    I am so sorry about your loss, but thankful you were blessed with her presence. I was also born in 77. It is so scary how little they new about it, but seeing all the research and findings, we are on our road to understanding SIDS. My best friend lost her baby brother to SIDS when we were in elementary school. I will never forget it and it always played in the back of my mind when my girls were infants.


    I was so sad to hear about your beautiful girl
    I lost my baby brother when he was 2. Last week, it would have been 20 years since he died. He will always be in my heart and I know he’s loving heaven just like your baby girl

    Have a great night and take care


    You will always miss your baby in all seasons. My SIL also lost her baby after a few months old. She didn’t even get the chance to grieve as she was in a bad situation.

    The moment I got pregnant I went researching and learned so much about SIDS and so many other issues. I hope other parents will utilize this information that they have open to them in this time.

    I’m sorry for your loss. *HUGS*


    You will never forget the ones we lose. I lost my 9 month old son on my birthday which happened to be Mother’s Day that year. For a long time I had a hard time on Mother’s Day

    Then a new grandson Hunter was born on my birthday and Mother’s Day.. now I look forward to celebrating with this special little guy.

    He is such a special guy, he will be 6 this year.


    What a beautiful Angel you have on your shoulder… and I was thinking the same as Mash1195, for some reason God told you to name her Angelica. There are no words that can ever take away the pain of losing a child, but know that you will be in my heart and prayers always. You ar such a wonderful person and mother as can be seen by what Tricia has accomplished in her own life and for the cause of SIDS.
    God bless you both and the rest of your family.

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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