Feb 162010

Yes, yes, yes. I know what you’re going to say BUT…. I’d like you to meet my 4th child.  Robert Thomas (Rocky) who was named after my Godfather, and my Grandfather. He was my fat baby, and between my other children, and myself he was/is spoiled rotten! We called him “Chubley” (cartoon character at the time). This baby use to get into everything! Oh my gosh, one time he got into my purse sat behind a sofa chair, and took out my cigarettes tasted them because they were wet, and broke them all apart (by the way I quit cold turkey 10 yrs. ago this month). When he was bored with that he put my camera in the oven, and closed the door so naturally when I turned the oven on to preheat it we all know what happened to my camera don’t we? Then he decided to get into the flour bag, and bring that behind the chair, and have himself a Flour Blizzard. Isn’t he just so special!?!

Anyway, here is Chubley now with his big sister? Yes, well he’s taller. Let’s say his older sister trying to straighten our “black sheep” out. Come on! You know there’s one in every family. Now, this boy may give me grief at times, but I must say he’s still a MaMa’s boy. Calls me all the time, and the biggest con artist in the world.  Mama do this for me, Mama do that for me.  That boy can charm the pants off of — well, that’s enough. ~snicker~ Wrong or right he’s still my baby boy!

One of his finer qualities is he sure can sing, and he sounds just like Barry White. Remember him?Okay folks – that’s number four! Isn’t he smooth! A regular Romeo! LOL Gotta love em’. By the way, that’s Gramma. God bless her soul! She loved her Rocco!

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    you forgot to mention he set the couch on fire when #1 son was sleeping on it and had the fire dept show up to take him for a ride. Lol those were the days. Imagine now Tony is good friend with the fire dept too. Now that’s funny


    oh the memories of a mother! too funny! and too cute – even now – too cute!

    hugs ♥


    Cute then and now!

    Stopping by from Fri Follows – I’m a new follower! Love to have you stop by:


    Oh he was a firey one then huh! Set the couch on fire????!

    Camera in the oven! I keep fearing that my kids will do something like that with their toy!

    Yes, he will always be your baby. No matter how old they get.


    Such great stories for #4 and love #1’s contribution too. :o) I hope that these days he is only friends with the fire dept, and doesn’t actually need their services!


    Ohhhhhh…LOL it must have been a good thing that he was so cute getting into all that trouble. And you are right…there is always one in the family !!!! One question..how did he get all the names Robert, Thomas, Rocky, Chubley, Rocco, Barry…or no..not Barry..he sang like Barry..got confused for a moment lol. Beautiful family !!! BTW cake looks yummy!!


    Oh my goodness, he sure was a stinker LOL
    Great Photos!!


    I’m loving all your memories and photos… Your kids sound like so much fun and excitement going on at your house. It’s a wonder you have any hair left. Your family is just too adorable!

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