Feb 182010

This is my youngest, Melissa Anne Marie.  My miracle baby!  Also, she was named by her big sister.  I said she could name her, so she would realize that this is a brand new baby, and not her baby sister that is gone nor replacing her.  She was happy with that.  She chose Melissa and Anne-Marie in honor and after of her deceased baby sister.

Missy was born premature.  I was seven and a half months pregnant when I fell down the stairs and things started to happen.  Very long story short if I hadn’t fallen down the stairs I wouldn’t be writing this post right now, and you wouldn’t be looking at her picture.  You see the afterbirth was where the baby should be, and the baby was where the afterbirth should be, and if she would have went full term she would’ve probably died in her own fluids, and I would’ve bled to death, but I truly believe the Lord reached down His hand, and decided I’ve had enough grief, and gave me this miracle baby.  3lbs. 2oz.
 and she looked like a little squirrel.  I hated going home without her, but she couldn’t leave the hospital until she was 4lbs 8oz., but she finally came home, and we took that skinny little baby, and fattened her up in just about a month.  She wore baby doll clothes for a couple of months when she was first born because nothing else fit her.  I was in a dollar store, and saw these doll clothes for sale, and I said I bet that would fit her.  The dresses, and hats shirts all of them fit her perfect.  No more baggy clothes.  Yep she was my doll baby!

And here’s my three pounder today!  Hey Missy Anne!  She lives in Iowa now with her son Edward, and hubby Scott and doing very well.  She’s also studying to be a nurse.

All is good!  My contribution to the world is done.  This factory is closed.  ~hehe~  Thank you all for letting me brag about my babies too!  I think it did me good to have my babies with me again.

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    Wow she is a miracle! She looks great now!

    I loved learning about all your kiddos. Thanks so much for sharing!


    OMG…she is a miracle baby. And had to be a terrifying ordeal for you especially what you already had been through. My heart hurt for you when I read about Missy. But like you said..God took her in the palm of his hand. Am curious tho…what would you have done if your oldest gave Missy a name that wasn’t as beautiful as she is…lol.


    P.S. (only on 1st cup of coffee)
    You have a BEAUTIFUL family !!! Thank you for sharing them with me.


    I love hearing miracles, God is definitely still in business! 🙂 And I love that she is studying to be a nurse, I want to go back to school for that as well, but it seems to be all talk at this point.


    Praise God! isn’t it amazing when you realize that He uses even tragedies for our good? Your daughter is beautiful.


    What amazing story. Miracle baby you can change that to a million dollar baby. No one can pay your effort and dedication to your daughter. Thank you for sharing this wonderful story.


    I loved reading about all your babies!! This was far my favorite–so inspiring!

    I agree, God put his hand and gave you a miracle!!


    Hee hee I forgot when she was that small.
    She’s getting her CNA (certified nurses assistant) certificate renewed. Not a Nurse.


    Such a cute little peanut who turned into a beautiful woman.
    You have a lovely family and I am so glad you shared them all with us. I love old photos – especially baby photos.


    It is an amazing thing. being pregnant and the little tiny lives that blossom into fine adults.

    An amazing miracle.

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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