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Okay, this has been happening for a  long time, and no matter what coffee brand I use or buy a new coffee pot or use hot water or cold water it always happens.  I get this film on the top of the coffee, and on the side of the cup.  Little circles as if there were oil in the water, and I just can’t drink it when I see that.  I’ve used Maxwell House, Folgers, you name it, and it happens every time. 

Now, I really like my coffee in the morning so when I take that first cup I’m half asleep anyway, but when I sit down with that second cup, and I go to take that next sip, and I see that…it’s over!  I wash my cups very good, and they are rinsed very well too, and I always use very hot water.  I don’t have a dishwasher (kitchen’s too small).  Also, I don’t put cream or sugar during the week, but on weekends sometimes I put cream, but it doesn’t matter that film is always there. 

If anyone has any ideas or suggestions I surely would appreciate it.  Maybe I should write to the coffee companies.   Hmm…

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    Have you started brewing your coffee stronger lately? Or maybe using a stronger blend? The oil is probably just the natural oils from the coffee beans. It’s probably more noticeable when you add cream or let your coffee cool a bit. 😉


    Is it in your water maybe? I haven’t noticed that in any coffee that I drink.

    Looks a little gross.


    Doesn’t look appetizing…I’m on my 2nd cup and now I keep watching it to see but my mug of coffee looks ok…I wonder what it is..do you have well water? If not..do you know if your neighbors are having same problem..somethimg with the water main? keep us posted


    Do you use one of those re-usable filters that comes with your coffee maker? My coffee maker came with one and when I used it, that is what my coffee did. Of course the paper filters fold over and get grounds in my coffee so I use both. I put the paper one in and then the reusable one.


    LMAO @ the anonymous comment! So annoying!! XD

    Anyway, I’ve heard it’s the water! You need some kind of filter or something. Don’t quote me, though, but I’ve heard it’s the water that makes the coffee look like that. Try using maybe bottled water, see if there is a difference and you’ll know if it’s the water or not.
    But that’s what I heard.


    i would definitely have water reclamation check your water. have u tried a different cup? could be the ceramic too. but i think it’s the water. sure hope u get this cleared up FAST!

    you can always come to me for coffee!


    Maybe it is your water. Do you have a filter for your tap water? You might want to try filtering your water and brewing your coffee with that. Just a suggestion. Good luck finding out what is wrong!


    I don’t drink coffee so I’m no help. Weird though.


    Weird. I’d check the water.


    ICK! Time to switch to Tea!


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    Don’t drink that 🙁


    Oooo that does not look good. My coffee never has that film, must be in the water. I would try getting a jug of spring water from your local convenient. Run a pot with that water after washing out your machine. See if the film comes back. Let me know what you find out!


    Okay.. Not knowing if you use any creamer (dry or liquid), half and half or other additive… This is normal… Actually, oil in your cup is a good thing, provided it is the oil extracted from freshly roasted and ground coffee from a clean machine. These are the essential oils from the beans. In espresso, they are emulsified under the brew pressure and form the crema. No oil means you are using old stale beans. However, once again it could be something you are adding. So no worries and drink up…


    That’s odd.

    I’d have to agree with some of the other commenters here… it’s probably the water. My parents are regular coffee drinkers, and they never have that. We buy our water from a water store.

    Hope you get it figured out!


    It’s the water.

    I make tea and I noticed the same thing when I use the water from the faucet so now I buy water at the store to make my tea and I don’t see that anymore.

    I don’t drink my tea when I see that either and it just lets you know the ick water we use.


    P.s filters wont help. I did try that. You have to change the water.


    I ended up with something that looked like that when we used non-homogenized milk. I would use the cream that came to the top of the milk for my coffee. So maybe it is your creamer if it has a high fat content like whipping cream? Good luck.


    I have to agree with the comments about the oil in the coffee beans, that is natural. I drink mine black also and have noticed it in my coffee at times.
    You may also need to clean your coffee maker – use white vinegar to do that (they usually give instructions in your owner’s manual).
    The other thing you shou;d always do is use fresh, filtered COLD water yo make coffee.
    Hope some of this helps.


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