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These awards were given to me by BJ MaMa, one happy little blogger that just announced the coming of her second child.  So, first things first head on over there, and give her a big virtual hug, and BIG CONGRATS!!!  Secondly, I thank her for sharing her awards with me (isn’t she just a all around sweetie)!  “This award means you’re really going places, Baby. You’ll still be blogging about your great adventures 10 years from now, and I’ll still be reading them.”The rules include telling where you see yourself in 10 years!
Okay, you’re kidding right?  10 yrs!  LOL – Okay, this NaNee in ten years will still be sitting here blogging away collecting dust!  ~haha~ Most of my grandchildren will be grown and graduating high-school if not married by then (omg – parish the though great-grandchildren?? brrrrrrrrrr)!  And I hope to be doing GIVE-AWAYS every day for all you Mommy’s out there!

This next award I’m suppose to tell you seven things about myself. Okay, I’ve been down this road before, so I’m going to make this quick.  1. My favorite color is purple.2. I love to go swimming. 3. I love Rock & Roll from 50’s up to date 4. Love to go shopping at the second hand store. 5. My favorite meal of the day is breakfast. 6. I LOVE GIVE-AWAYS! Winning gives me such a jolt ~hehe~ 7. I totally luvs Chrrrrristmassssss! {Betcha kinda new that – huh?}  I also received this same award from my new friend Kimberly at “She Scribes“.  Thanks Kimmy.

The rules are as follows:

* Put the logo on your blog or within your post.
* Pass the award onto 12 bloggers.
* Link the nominees within your post.
* Let the nominees know they have received this award by commenting on their blog.
* Share the love and link to the person from whom you received this award.

NOW, personally I likes the way my buddy BJ swooped them all together, and put them in one pot, so I’m going to do that too!  THANKS BJ!  I’ve been meeting a lot of new people lately, so I think I’m going to choose from my new followers (whom I really don’t know that well yet), if you don’t mind, and sort of welcome them into the fold!  Here we go~~~


Laura from 29 and Counting
Annamarie from 7th Heaven
Giovanni from A Bucket of Wisdom
Girly Twins from Better Leite Than Never
Mistie from These are the days of my Life
Heidi from Cake Crumbs
Nicole from Defining Moments
Ashley from The Thames Trio
Margi from The Maverick Crafter
Lisa from The Never Ending Story
Jessa from Holiday Haven
Polly from Angels in my Garden
Gianna from A Traveling Thought
Julie at A Day in Our Life

Oh boy, I wanted to keep going, and going, but I’ve already told everyone of their awards so I need to post.  Have a wonderful day my new friends!!!  They’re ALL yours now.  Show them off to friends and family!  You’re one of us now!  ~hehe~  ENJOY!


Thanks for Subscribing to emails. Hope you stop by to comment, too.

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    Dolly, you are such a sweetheart!! Thank you so much for the award. I am always so humbled and so honored if I receive an award. I am not sure which one I am supposed to post. Dumb, Huh? Please let me know and I will post it ASAP. You know, I have said until a few years ago I thought a mouse was something you caught in a trap!! Hugs!


    Ha, found it, I am out of time at the moment, but I will be back to play along. Thanks for the fun! Jessa


    Congrats on the award!


    CONGRATULATIONS!!! woohoo happy for you with all your new awards and followers. Ummmmm?? thinking where will you be in 10 yrs? OMG…you may be only on the 2nd chapter..lmao..also thinking might be 10 yrs before you write a book review on my site LOL


    Congratulations on your award! You deserve it. Have a wonderful Monday!


    congrats on the awards! I love thrift stores too!


    Dolly, you are just the sweetest! And I am so very humbled that you thought of me when you were looking to pass on these awards! Thank you so much for making my week!!!
    I will get this posted as soon as I can, it may be next week by the way this week is shaping up.
    Thanks again!


    Congratulations sweetheart!

    I’m reading your list and purple is such a lovely color. It’s either red, black or purple for me.


    Congratulations on all your well deserved awards!! There is something about getting an award that makes your whole day a little brighter.

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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