Mar 122010

HEY!  How U doin?  Happy Friday Follow, Aloha Friday, & introducing…

Are ya ready to do the BLOG HOP TAG? (tune is Ball n’ the Jack-oh, come on you heard it at weddings – hehe)!
 First you put your two fingers close up tight
Then you hit the link on da left, & then the one on da right,
Search around the blogs & all in sight, &
then you hop around and hop around half the night.
Spread your lovin’ comments in CyberSpace
Then you do the CyberRock with style and grace
Now you follow me, and I follow back
That’s what I call the

(AUGH- I need to get a life.  I have too much time on my hands – lol) Okay my friends are you ready?  Have fun visiting new blogs to follow & always welcome new followers! Aloha Friday I can’t give you up. I love to see everyone’s question, and Friday Follow who doesn’t love new followers, and new people to follow.  This is the nineth Friday Follow hosted by One 2 Try, Hearts Make Families and Midday Escapades!  We invite you to join us every Friday to get more blog followers and to follow other interesting blogs.  It is all about sharing and having fun.

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My question is:  What was your very first car?

My Dad liked to fiddle in the garage, so he had got a 1961 Comet, Ford from one of his pals for nothing, and then he found another 1961 Comet at the junkyard that he bought I think it was fifty bucks.  He put the two together, and I had one hell of a car, and the only 16 year old at school that had her own car!  My Dad rocked!

Also, too all who waited for the results of my coffee experiment I’ve posted the results of my findings, and experiments along with a SURPRISE GIVE-AWAY yesterday, so DON’T MISS IT!  You probably won’t be surprised, but you might be surprised to what a difference there is.  Thanks for stopping by.

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    What a great little ditty! It made me smile!

    My first car was a Ford Probe. It was purple and I loved it.


    My first car was a GMC Jimmy and I loved it!
    Visiting from My Kids Are Fun for Aloha Friday!


    A White Duster…omg when I think lol


    a corolla


    Oh, the memories you just brought back to me……It was in 1987 and it was a 1980 Pontiac Sunbird in bright yellow. I loved that little car.

    My Aloha Friday


    Following! Hope you will do the same! :o)

    My first – A Ford Expo with burnt orange interior and a hood that would randomly fly open! LAWDY!


    I had a black and gold camaro z-28!!! Still the nicest and baddest car I’ve ever had!!Aloha


    My first car was a 1989 Toyota Tercel. My dad redid the interior in zebra print and gave me fuzzy dice lol! It was a standard and I was scared to drive the main roads for MONTHS haha!

    I don’t participate in follow friday, but I’m following you now just b/c I want too 🙂


    my first car was a gray 1993 (bought in 2000) Nissan Sentra


    never owned a car, still learning how to drive …


    My first car is also my current car.
    It’s a 4-door Saturn and I love it. 🙂

    I’m now following you, as well.


    Hi there! Coming over for my first Aloha Friday! My first car was bought by ME for a mere $400. It was a black ’71 Cutlass Supreme and it was all “hot-rodded” up! LOL We used to drag race alot in the deep south…ATL, GA.

    Tree aka Mother of Pearl


    Love your blog & I am now following you from FF..Hope you have a great Friday..


    ford explorer! loved it at the time, now I love love LOVE my pathfinder!


    1999 Honda Civic and I still have it!


    A 1971 Datsun in puke orange color. Thank you for joining Friday Follow. Glad to have you part of the fun. Rita @ One 2 Try.


    BMW 🙂


    Good evening! 🙂

    We’re stopping by from the FF to say hello and wish you a beautiful and relaxing weekend! Come on over and visit the Freely Living Life Family when you have some down time. We already are followers of your blog and look forward to coming by to see you again soon! <3 ((hugs))


    I didn’t have a car my own. And since I got married I’ve been driving the husband’s vehicle 🙂

    That was really cool to have a dad that fixed things and in doing so, made you have your own car at 16! Rad!


    wasn’t it that Green one that Grandpa used to own or was it that yellow one I had hmmm my memory stinks

    Hmmm YOU changed your blog background interesting


    Thanks for stopping by my blog in the Friday Follow!


    this blog hop/follow friday is so new to me..i hope i am not doing anything wrong 🙂

    looks like you visited me 🙂 yeah, so happy and thank you for compliments :)! i do love design … 🙂

    so here i am…and happy to meet you.
    first car? truck-stick shift…
    i’m a farm gal 🙂


    Hop,hop,hopping in from Follow Friday. I’m a follower of your sweet blog now and wanted to thank you for your sweet visit.
    My first car was a Ford Thunderbird.
    I drove that car for ages,till it began to more than slowly,fall apart.
    Have a lovely weekend..I’ll be back to visit again.


    Friday Follow!! Love it! And the Aloha Friday, great way to find new friends! Still new to all of these ideas, gotta get my sh** straight & get on board LOL! As for my first car?? A Dodge K-car…that eventually blew up…no, really, BLEW UP!! Hahahahahaha!! 😀


    My first car was a 1983 light blue Honda Civic. Ahhh…the memories.


    My first car was a Mazda GLC. My dad bought it for me as a gift. It was so nice of him but it was a tin can. Every time a strong wind blew, I felt the car drift into another lane. LOL!


    Hi there.
    I’m just stopping by to see how your comment challenge is going.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


    thank you for following me!! I came over to return the favor.


    Mine was a Ford FTD Station Wagon that I had to share with my mother.

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