Mar 172010

This is my old jade plant. Wasn’t she beautiful?  It was full of life, and gorgeous for years and then last year she got root rot.  I don’t know what happened.  Maybe it was from taking her outside, and she got too much water I think.  I bought her the week I moved in this house, which was 10 yrs. ago last November, and she died last year.

Well, now I have a new one.  This is my new baby below.  Wish me luck.  Hopefully she’ll look like my old one in time.

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    All the best with your new plant.Let it live for many many more years!!!


    Good luck!

    I could never grow a plant so beautiful like that!


    I had the same plant issue. So sad! Good luck with the new one – may it live a long and glorious life! 😉


    10 years is a long time to have a plant! wow.

    I wish I kept them even a half year!

    Good luck with the new one.


    oh i remember i had a jade plant years & years ago. had it for over 20 yrs. when i moved to FL i gave it to a friend, but i did take a cutting. that lasted about 9 months.

    this will be as beautiful or better than your other one. it’ll FEEL the love!

    happy st. pat’s day!


    My mom has had the same jade plant since I was a baby. Half of it died one year when it was really cold (she always kept it outside). But his “great great great grandkids” still live. I don’t know how many times she has divided up that plant! Unfortunately her green thumb totally skipped me, so I wish I had some advice! Long live your new plant!!!


    I love indoor plants! Sadly, they all die! I have yet to have a plant that will last more than a few months. 🙁


    what happen to the hair pin post?


    Thanks for stopping by. Wow, that was one impressive jade plant. Good luck with your next one. I wish I was that great with plants. I do not have a green thumb at all.


    Wishing you all the luck. I’ve never been able to keep any plants alive. So I gave up. :0)

    See you soon for Friday Follow!


    Good luck with the new baby, I’m sorry your old one died. I’ve never been very good with plants until the last few years. But I have had one plant for 15 years.
    I love jade, I can’t wait to see how yours does.


    10 years is a long time! I never had to much luck with Jade. I have hubby’s grandma’s Xmas cactus that is over 25 years old at least! I have to take it out of the pot every so many years & chop it apart, the base is thick. so then I have some heirlooms to pass on to more family ! Happy WW!
    Faythe @GrammyMouseTails

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