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HEY!  How U doin?  Happy Friday Follow, Aloha Friday & introducing… Are you ready to

do the BLOG HOP TAG? (tune is Ball n’ the Jack-Come on you heard it at weddings hehe)!
 First you put your two fingers close up tight
Then you hit the link on da left, & then the one on da right,
Search around the blogs & all in sight, &
then you hop around and hop around half the night.
Spread your lovin’ comments in CyberSpace
Then you do the CyberRock with style and grace
Now you follow me, and I follow back
That’s what I call doin’ the

(AUGH- I need to get a life.  lol) Okay my friends are you ready?  Have fun visiting new blogs to follow & always welcome new followers! Aloha Friday I can’t give you up. I love to see everyone’s question.
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My question is:  Do you and the hubby (or significant other) have a song that’s your very own & what is it?

On our first date we stopped at a lounge where my cousin was working, and an old song came on the juke box by the Righteous Brothers called Unchained Melody, and we danced our first dance.  That’s our song.

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    My husband and I don’t have a song per se. We met in marching band in high school. We were doing music from the band Chicago. So I can’t hear You’re the Inspiration or 25 or 6 to 4 without thinking about how we met.


    Have 3..2 from our wedding and one other.
    Always and Forever, Love you just the way you are, and In a gadavida (sp?)
    My ? is here


    I do not think so, although sometimes we laugh at some remembering the time.
    Here’s your link to my Aloha Friday Post.


    I don’t think hubby and I have a song…I’ll have to ask him, though, it may be he has one that he considers our song, and I don’t know about it! LOL!

    I thought I was already following you – I am now, though! 😉


    I think we use to but, I cannot remember.

    Have a great Friday!


    No, we do not really have a song that is “ours” – there are a bunch that are special for one reason or another.


    You are so cute with the blog hop tag. Very nice! Thanks for linking up with us.

    As for Aloha Friday, hubby and I actually have lots of songs, not just one.



    Yes we do. It’s Morning Song by Jewel. =D


    Thanks for the Friday Follow! Returning the favor 🙂


    Our song is Where are you Going by Dave Matthews Band. Thanks for joining Friday Follow. Have a wonderful weekend. Rita @ One 2 Try.


    Hi! Thanks for following me! I like your site a lot, there is so much cool stuff to check out. I am a transcriptionist also! Nice to meetcha!




    If Only You Knew by Patti Labelle is “our” song.

    Happy Friday!


    Thanks for the follow! I’m following you too!

    Nicole @ My Real Review


    I found your blog through Friday Follow! Have a wonderful week-end!


    Well, our wedding song is A Whole New World. That song always makes me think of him and smile. 🙂


    Yes! Fly Me To The Moon


    Reunited because five years after high school, we reunited, moved in together after 6 months and were engaged by the end of that year.


    No not really he just doesn’t get in to music like that


    ha! Unchained melody that’s a total Ghost movie song.. 🙂 I was a senior in HS when that came out.. and the first time I ever heard that song.. !!


    Our song is “Ribbon in the Sky” by Stevie Wonder.

    Have a great weekend, my dear!


    Thanks so much for stopping by, I’m following you now as well!

    I have to admit, I wasn’t sure about trying Sensa either – I mean, how can it work? But so far I’ve been really impressed! A little sprinkling is something that I can handle… and I’m looking forward to finding out how much it can do, too! 🙂


    Thanks for visiting my blog! Happy Friday (Saturday) Follow!


    Aren’t grandkids great? (I have a beautiful granddaughter)

    I’m following your nice family blog on Google Friends Connect, and am your latest Friday Follower. I would appreciate a follow-back!



    The old Frankie Valli song, “Can’t take my eyes off You” will always be our song. 🙂


    I don’t think we have a song. Hmmm . . . I wonder why?


    Oooh I love unchained melody!

    No we don’t have a song. The man does not like to dance. No one in his family dances. A pity. Because I LOVE to dance!

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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