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My MaMa – This is how I’ll always remember you!

Today I’m driving to the city to visit my oldest daughter (NightOwlMaMa – visit here if you would like to see part of my mother’s doll collection), and we’re going to St. Mary’s Cemetery in Chicago.  It was my Mother’s birthday, March 29th.  The picture to the right is my Mom, her brother, and her sister (who they shared the same birthday, but Mom was 10 yrs older).  They are all together now.

She would’ve been 88 yrs. old, but she was a young 88.  She had enough as some of us oldsters would say “piss and vinegar” in her to put all of us to shame.  Mom use to live in Las Vegas for about 10 or 12 years.  She had she joined a singing group, tap dancing group, organ group, and the Italian Federation Club.  She was always doing something, but that will be another post.  I just wanted to say Happy Birthday, Mom.  I miss you tremendously.  There are days that I feel maybe I won’t survive without you, but then I think of my daughters, and granddaughters and time marches on.  I love you. Until we meet again…

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  11 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday – Carmela – My Mom! Happy Birthday!”


    What a beautiful tribute. She must have been a remarkable woman.


    Thank you Carmela for giving us such a beautiful person..your daughter.

    P.S. Another coincidence…my mom is 88 also


    Thanks for coming out and going to the cemetery today mom it was nice to spend some time with you I LOVE YOU


    What an honor to your mom. She, I am sure, would be proud of you!


    Happy Birthday to your beautiful mother!


    How fun to come here and see that I’ve actually already been to your daughters site showing your moms doll collection and memoration of her birthday!


    She sounds like she was a great lady! I love spunky people that motivate you in life.

    I love her doll collection! My sister has a steel headed doll, and I have a few collector dolls too. American Girl Series dolls are what started me on reading when I was a kid. Before I was introduced to them, I really wasn’t into reading.


    Aw! I love that first picture. I am always fascinated by vintage photos, especially when accompanied by such great description. It sounds like your mom was an amazing woman. Thanks for sharing her with us!


    Your mother had to be nice…look at you. Thanks for sharing. I love looking at old family pictures for some reason, plus I love dolls too.

    – Haupi Justice (Yvonne)


    Such a lovely tribute to your mom.



    It sounds like your Mom was an amazing woman. Such a lovely tribute to her. ((hugs))

    Thank you for your Happy Easter wishes…my Piggies send you hugs and kisses back!

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