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My question is:  What is your favorite childhood memory about Easter?

I think going shopping with my mom to get new Easter clothes, which not only included a dress, but white pat & leather shoes & purse, and an Easter Bonnet with white gloves.  Boy, those were the days & then of course the Easter egg hunt in the house where the Easter Bunny (my dad) hid the eggs & then off to Gramma’s for dinner and to see the rest of the family and play with my oh so very many cousins!  Gramma always made Easter baskets for all of us.  There were 15 I believe of us, and they were a hard boiled egg and Italian cookie baked around it (crisscrossed) they were good!

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    Hunting for Easter eggs with my parents looking on! 🙂


    Hunting for my Easter Basket. My AF: http://www.rundpinne.com/2010/04/aloha-friday-2-april.html


    Hey!I am stopping bye from Friday Follow. I am now following you 🙂


    Have a great day!


    Following you from Friday Follow. Have a great weekend.


    Candy, candy, candy.

    Happy FF and AF

    Have a great weekend!


    My favorite memory is going to Sunrise service with my Aunt Judy.

    I am also hoping around today for the first time on Friday Follow. 🙂


    It would have to be wearing my new outfit, shoes and of course Easter Bonnet to Easter Sunday mass.


    It would have to be wearing my new outfit, shoes and of course Easter Bonnet to Easter Sunday mass.


    My sister and I and the adorable matching Easter dresses and bonnets that my mom dressed us in! 🙂 Happy ester and Happy Spring to all!!


    One thing I keep thinking about lately – is when I was little, all the ‘kids’ at our church got a potted geranium. My sisters and I really looked forward to getting ours every year.

    Already a follower – Hope you have a nice Easter♥


    In a prominently Catholic country (Philippines), Easter is a culmination of the Holy Week. So Easter is such a big deal religiously while I was growing up… not because of Easter bunny or the egg hunt. Growing up, at Easter dawn, we look forward to the re-enactment of Mary and Jesus meeting each other for the first time after the three days of His death. I think I was 7-years old and my sister was 5-years old, when we played angels in the re-enactment.


    My dad used to write out clues for the Easter egg hunt and they were so silly and ridiculous!


    When I was a child, my Dad’s 2 younger brothers were single with no kids. They used to totally spoil me and my sister with the hugest Easter baskets I’ve ever seen!


    Stopping by from Friday Follow, and now following. Please take a minute to check out my blog

    Have a Great Weekend!


    Thanks for stopping by from Friday Follow. Enjoy your weekend! – Rita @ One 2 Try.


    Growing up Jewish, my best memories are going to get some Cadburry mini eggs after Passover.


    Getting a new outfit with all the accessories, that’s probably the only time my mother could get me to wear white gloves. And of course hunting Easter eggs with my friends.

    Thanks for stopping by and for the lovely comment on my blog. I am following you back.

    Have a great Easter weekend.


    Hi Dolly, I was having the same problems with blogger for the last 2-3 days as you said..But I can usually get in after some time…


    It’s hard to find a favorite memory in the life of the orphanage, however I remember us having this bun we always make for Easter. I loved bun time!


    Hi I’m Barb..Sorry I’m late..Have been sick..I hope you get a chance to visit my blog @ santasgiftshoppe.blogspot.com
    & get inspired by something for your family/home. I hope you will follow me as well.

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