Apr 062010

I received my sample of Olay total effects body wash.  I have really dry skin especially on my legs and feet due to venous insufficiency (I contain water).  My arms, and hands are pretty much the same.  Now I also use Olay age defying daily renewal cleanser to wash my face, and I use Olay Body quench body lotion for my dry skin too.

This free sample I received for the Olay Total effects body wash I was extremely surprised that it’s just like washing with body lotion.  So soft, and creamy and my skin felt wonderful.  No tightness, not itchy, and not oily either.  Good stuff.  I’m off to Walmart to get a big bottle of this stuff, I’m sold!  My Mom used Oil of Olay, and this is her at 84.  Her skin was soft and creamy.  Hardly any wrinkles at all.  This is me, and I will be 60 in June.  Okay, well dang my mother looked better then then I do!

Oil of Olay is my favorite product.  The way it feels, the way it makes me feel, and most importantly the results.

Washing my face with Olay age defying daily renewal cleanser makes me feel cleaner, and younger when I look into the mirror.  My skin is soft and not rough around the edges like it use too feel.  I asked my Mom what could I do to make my skin feel like hers?  I also have large pores, and when I was a kid I had acne which left little poc marks on my skin.  By using Olay cleaner all this time they seem to have smoothed out, and possibly close a little, which is ultimately cool   This cleanser washes away dirt, oil, and make-up, and renews my skin, and reduces the sign of aging.

Olay Body is a quench body lotion that as an active hydration with green tea & vitamin complex for a deep moisturized, but yet sheer fresh skin.  This lotion is clinically proven, and it is quickly absorbing, and not its non-greasy formula actually prevents dryness, and moisturizing my skin for up to 24 hrs. I like to use it after every shower.  It makes me feel soft all over.

My free sample of Olay total effects body wash gives me something to use IN the shower now.  Yes, after only one use.  This Anti-Aging Body Wash brightened my skin, and my day.  Smoothing the roughness, relieving my dry itchy skin, and making me have younger-looking skin.  The other day I was getting a pedicure, and I sat next to this elderly lady.  I would say she looked in her 70’s (due to all white hair).  She was getting a manicure.  I said hello to her, and although she didn’t hear very well I did speak up, and complimented her on her age, and her skin tone.  You see, my manicurist told me our little lady next to me was 101 years old.  My jaw dropped to the floor.  Never met anyone that old before.  DAM, where’s my camera when I need it.

Try Olay products if you don’t believe me.  I’m sure you will become a believer after only one use.  I bought all my products from Walmart.  Prices and products information located at Walmart.com

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    you are beautiful!


    I love Oil of Olay..anything by them is super wonderful. On my desk at the moment is the Olay quench lotion. I love the soft,silky feel..and the sweet scent. I’ve always been sold on their products..
    The two of us need to do a commercial..:). I usu only their products..


    Wow! You are beautiful! No way do you look almost 60.

    I love Olay Quench – it is the only lotion I will use.

    Thanks for the great review – I might need to get a few of these other products.

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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