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These are my Maternal Grandparents.  They were both born in Palermo, Sicily.  My Grandfather Thomas is 21 yrs. of age, and my Grandmother Adeline (Nellie) was 14 yrs. of age.

And thIs young man happens to be NightOwlMama’s oldest boy, Ryan my first born grandchild, my grandparents great-great grandson whose birthday is today.  He has turned 21.  He is the first in our family to graduate college at ITT Tech.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY RYAN!!!

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    awww that’s so sweet MOM. I too can’t believe it.HOLY CRAP right NOw it’s 1:44 am he was born in exactly 5 minutes!! 1:49 am! HEE heee I’m gonna run down stairs and give him a huge SMOOCH!


    That pic looks a lot like my great grandma’s Italy photo. Eerie. Very awesome about your son. Happy Birthday Ryan!



    Happy Birthday Ryan! I hope you have a wonderful day.

    Dolly, I love the picture of your grandparents. I wish I had a photo like that of mine. Have a wonderful day.


    What a sweet post! Love the old photo too!

    This could be used for Family Fridays too!! You should consider linking it up this Friday on my blog!



    Wow I love the top picture! Only 14!! She looks a lot older! Happy WW! Come on over and link up with me too!


    I love looking at those old photos. I have some of my great great aunts family. I have no clue who they are but they are just so fun to sit down and go thru.

    Happy Birthday to your Grandson, my DD just turned 21 last month.


    Happy B-day to your grandson. I love all the pics including your grandparents wedding photo.

    Happy WW!♥


    Love the picture of your grandparents! And congrats and Happy Birthday to your grandson!


    What lovely photos! Happy Birthday to Ryan.


    How awesome. Happy birthday and Congrats on graduating!


    What a great post and happy birthday to Ryan!

    Age 14? Wow, that was so young. Can you imagine that today?


    I love love love that photo of your grandparents. Wow, what a treasure!


    OOOhhh…! I love this!! I love looking at old photos!!1


    Great photo! 14 years old? Wow!

    Happy Birthday to your grandson.



    Wow! I can not believe she was only 14. She was so young.

    Happy Birthday, Ryan.


    Well Happy Birthday Ryan.


    Wow, I love the old wedding photo! I wish I could find one of my paternal or maternal grandparents’ wedding. Makes me nostalgic . . .

    Also belated Happy Bday to Ryan



    I love this photo of your grandparents! Gosh, what year was that? Beautiful. Look at her bouquet and dress!

    I sometimes wonder what it was like living in their time.

    And CONGRATULATIONS to your grandson! That is wonderful news! and Happy Belated birthday!

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