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Happy Friday Follow, Aloha Friday & introducing… 

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SO ARE YA READY LADIES & GENTS?  Have fun at the new blogs, follow them & always welcome new followers! NOW – Aloha Friday I can’t give you up. I love to see everyone’s question.  Friday Follow who doesn’t love NEW followers, and NEW people to follow.  Friday Follow hosted by some great ladies from One 2 Try, Hearts Make Families and Midday Escapades!  We invite you to join us every Friday to get more blog followers and to follow other interesting blogs.  It is all about sharing and having fun.

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My question is:  April Showers brings May flowers, and the bees and bugs, and time to take out the screens and clean those, and clean the yard, and throw out the old shrubbery from last year.  So, here’s my question:  Who does all this work you or the hubby???

.Those are pretty flowers aren’t they?  Nope not mine I just thought they were pretty.  I couldn’t have those by my house.  Allergic to bees ya  know, but my husband does all the yard work now ever since I had back surgery in 06′.  He’s a good ol’ boy!  He likes doing it anyway, but he won’t pull a weed to save his soul!  LOL…

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    Actually, we both do the work! Pretty much share the load!


    My husband and the guys are in charge of the yard.


    No yard work, we live in an apartment.
    Also, stopping by from Friday Follow, and now following. Have a Great Weekend! Please take a minute to check out my blog


    Since we live in an apartment, the gardners do it all and we watch,lol.


    You’ve got a really great blog here!

    Happy FF! I’m your newest follower! If you can, please follow me too at http://www.mommylivingthelifeofriley.com

    Have a great day!


    ME ME ME!!!! TA Da! as if you didn’t know that answer LOL


    The hubs do most of it and I help when he needs me of if I don’t think he is doing it right (how I want it done ) 🙂


    we don’t have a garden just yet we live in a rented apt for now.. but one day maybe:)
    Here’s my Aloha!


    Since I have a lot of allergies and do not do well with bugs, hubby does it . . . if/when it actually gets done.


    ha ha ha- hubby who?
    It’s all me.

    Have a great Friday.


    I only have a back yard, but I still have to clean up after the dog!


    My husband mostly. I am allergic to yard work – lol.

    I like planting flowers and a vegetable garden and I take care of those. But the raking, mowing, etc. – my husband does that.


    That my dear is a funny question! Screens, who cleans their screens? We, let the wind to that and I am in charge of everything except automotive work and rolling the garbage can TO the curb. Not back just to. I can’t wait till I get to mow the yard…….ah…….peace and NO kiddos.

    Happy Friday Follow and Aloha Friday


    I think I do most of it but he will help occassionally


    Cute Blog!!! I’m another new follower! Feel free to check out my blog as well! http://heavenlysavings.blogspot.com
    Happy Friday Follow! Hope to Blog with you again soon!


    Hi, I’m glad I discovered your blog. New follower.


    Uh neither of us! At this house, I might start a container garden on the deck…if I do, it will be me. Well to be honest, it will be my mom (nagging over the phone and then doing it for me when she visits hehe).


    from ff
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    Thanks 🙂



    It is nice to see you part of Friday Follow! Have a wonderful weekend. Rita @ One 2 Try.


    Beautiful spring flowers!

    Just wanted to say happy Friday Follow day. You’re always welcome to stop and pay me a visit! My recent blog is, “Love Lifts.”




    Thanks for popping over and becoming a follower, gotta ya back!~ And yes those flowers are pretty, and no they would not be mine either, I kill flowers, not on purpose!~


    Happy Friday Follow! I just love re-reading your Blog Hop Tag. You are a clever one! Oh, yes, now Aloha Friday question: neither of us and that’s why we don’t have a garden or flowers. Hubby just takes care of the yard.



    Well, I do most of it since hubs works out of town and he’s home for 5-6 days a month total. He does try to do the big jobs to help out or he’ll us one of his friends to come by and give me a hand.


    I just dropped by to say hi and to wish you a wonderful upcoming week. Those flowers are gorgeous..alas I can’t grow flowers..*deep sighs..
    But I can grow vegetables…yayyyyyy
    I love digging in the dirt and working in a garden..other than that, someone gets paid to mow,clean up weeds..etc. That’s not due to lazyness,it’s due to husbands problems with his legs. But it all works out..
    I’m gonna go now and post the pretty awards you gave me..and again,thank you for thinking of me. You’re such a sweetie.


    Stopping by for the party!! Nice to meet you! 🙂 Hope you are having fun at the UBP!

    Jenni (“Miss Tutu”)
    My UBP blog post: How to Make a Tutu blog – hope you will stop by and say hi! 🙂 and Mom Blogger $100 Cash Contest

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