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Happy Friday Follow, Aloha Friday & are you ready for the… 

The BLOG HOP TAG? (Tune to Ball n’ the Jack)!
 First you put your two fingers close up tight
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That’s what I call duh

READY, SET, GO!  Friday Follow is hosted by some pretty awesome  ladies. One 2 Try, Hearts Make Families and Midday Escapades!  They have invited us to join them every Friday to get more blog followers and to follow other interesting new blogs.  It’s all about sharing and having fun.

If you’d like to participate in Aloha Friday, just post your own question on your blog and leave your link at the very friendly place of Islandlife808.com.  It’s a great way to make new bloggy friends and find new followers!

My question is:   What was your favorite doll when you were a kid, and what kind of games did you play with them?

Mine had to be Barbie, but I also had a Connie Stevens doll that I liked too.  I use to make clothes for them out of the cuffs of socks!  And made their own house in my drawer of my dresser, and played for hours.

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    Happy Friday Follow and Aloha Friday! I really didn’t have a favorite doll. But I really wanted one of those cabbage patch ones. Wishing you a grand weekend and happy escapes!

    ~ Lynn


    hi! thank you for your comment on my blog! following you back from last friday’s follow. i am one week behind!


    Hi there! My favorite doll was called Mrs. Beasley. Remember her? She was from the show “A family Affair”

    I loved that doll, you would pull a string in the back & she would talk. I think it even got so old or I lost it or something and my mother got me another one.


    I had a babydoll named Shannon. She looked so real and even had a heartbeat.

    I didn’t play games with her – she was my baby!! I “mothered” her:)



    I’m your latest Friday Follower–the 301st! I would appreciate a follow-back on Google Friends Connect and/or Networked Blogs.




    Hi, Dolly! Happy Friday to you.

    I didn’t have a favorite per se, but I played with Cabbage Patch dolls, Koosas (remember those from the 1980s), Care Bears, My Little Ponies, and Star Wars figures & Gobots & Transformers. I was a tomboy!!! And I hated Barbie–too much to live up to, I guess!! ha-ha

    What a good question; brings back sweet (forgotten) memories!

    Have a great day,
    Leigh in southern IL


    I liked stuffed animals mostly! My mom also made dolls for me.


    i did’nt have a favourite doll, but love to play with sindy


    following you back from FF!! Thank you! 🙂


    Thanks for visiting me! I am looking forward to exploring your blog. Following you now!


    Nice to meet you and thanks for the follow. I am following you too and I am a traveler as well!!!


    Thanks for coming over and visiting!! Now following you too!!


    Ok don’t laugh but besides Barbie (of course and always) my Smurf! He was always the husband to my mermaid doll and they lived in a shoe box, my brother and I played for hours with the smurf and the mermaid. Odd couple, they were but they got along famously!:)


    following now, thanks for the visit and follow. My favorite doll, hmmm, I guess it would be the baby doll I got at age 12. She was life size and could wear real clothes. I named her Amy and had lots of fun with her.


    Gosh has to by my Dorothy doll form the Wizard of Oz but you knew that ;D


    Hello! Following you back for the FF! So glad you stopped by! Have a Great weekend!! ~ Coreen


    Jelly Belly was my favorite doll that I took everywhere until one day someone stole it 🙁


    Thanks for stopping by supermomplace.
    I’m a new follower, I’m looking forward to read you stuff or maybe win a giveaway yay!


    No doll for me. I didn’t like them. Didn’t have them to even like them. I was a tom boy/girl straight out. My first thing after tying the herd out was climbing trees brimming with fruits and eating till I would surely pop! Then lugging my butt around like that fat cheshire cat in that movie 🙂


    Stopping by from Friday Follow to say Hi! I am now a follower!

    Stop by and enter my giveaway for Rachael Ray Bakeware:


    i am not sure on the favorite…
    but i know i loved my strawberry shortcake…. and my cabbage patch…

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