Apr 252010

Oh boy, here’s what I received the other day “BOUNTY”! I won at A Nut in a Nutshell   thank you Blue Violet.  So, thick & absorbent.  Keeps on working, and they aren’t kidding!  Let me tell you when I go shopping I usually go generic all the way to save a few pennies.  You’re definitely not saving with generic paper towels though.  Key word here “paper”, and that’s very, poor quality paper.  Dang, these towels are nothing but paper the generic ones!  They fall apart looking at them for heavens sakes!  Okay, so maybe I exaggerate a little…NOT!

Bounty is like a cloth rag.  I took one, and felt it even rubbed it against my face, and mmm soft, and it felt like my dust cloth actually, which is an old tee shirt (those work the best for polishing).

I’m also a cooker.  I don’t bake well, but I sure can cook!   Now when it comes to grease oh, boy, hand me the paper towels, and lots of them! I love bacon, but it hates me.  I still make it for my husband, but he doesn’t need any extra grease.  I used one folded up sheet of Bounty, and you could have put the plate back on the shelf.  Here’s a little example.  I made soft-boiled eggs the other day.  I put our shells in a paper-towel.  I had generic (on the left) and then of course my NEW BOUNTY (on the right):

I went to pick it up to throw away, and what a mess on the left, and I’m in love on the right!

Okay, next job.  Repaint the garden statutes.  They’re all white, but any paint is messy especially when I’m doing it.  I made a test.  I put one statute on a generic sheet and one on a Bounty Sheet.  The generic sheet stuck to the table and the Bounty sheet did not.  I then took that same sheet and dampened it, and wiped down my stove, cabinet counters, frig door, AND the breakfast counter.  I rinsed it, added a little soap, and washed my kitchen table.  After the kitchen table I wiped down my husband’s desk (nasty), and then mine.  Rinsed, and then used it in the bathroom to scour the bathroom sink.  Nah, it’s going to fall apart right!  WRONG!  I then went back into the kitchen rinsed out that original sheet and hung it over my faucet.  Let me tell you I didn’t believe those commercials, but I’M A BELIEVER NOW!

SUPER THICK BOUNTY, I LOVE YOU!  Now, where’s that bag of rags so I can give it to the hubby for the garage.  They’re not needed in here anymore ~~

Disclaimer:  I won the item mentioned from another blogger.  This review has not been monetarily compensated based on the views and opinions of my family and/or myself.  Any opinions/comments reflected in this post have not been influenced by the sponsor in any way.
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    you do the best commercials ever! i love bounty too, but have switched to generic for monetary purposes. only we don’t use near as much paper towels. i do use ALOT of napkins though!

    great story!

    oh, BTW, you’re welcome to come clean my house – lol!


    Great review! I love Bounty too, works so well 🙂


    I’m a Bounty girl also! Good product.



    They need you on their marketing team! You really put it through a challenge!! LOL


    Bounty is my paper towel preference, too! 🙂


    I absolutely love bounty, but expensive yes it is. I won too and cant wait to get mine.

    Love this review!


    Just stopping by from blog frog to say hi 🙂


    Uh oh, I’m with you on this one Dolly – I love Bounty and have used Bounty for years. Yes, yes you can wring them out and reused them too! I couldn’t belive it either, but their commercials tells the truth it’s almost like cloth. Congrats on your win. Okay now let me go see whacha got posted that I can win. Smiles


    They use to make an amazing ‘re-usable’ Bounty that I loved for cleaning. The price was worth it.

    Just wanted to let you know I’ve put the comment code on my sidebar for ya.
    Take care.

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