May 052010

I went into the city yesterday to go to cemetary to put flowers on my mother’s gravesite, and my daughter and grandsons went with me.  It was a beautiful day, but for me it takes me an hour there and an hour back fighting traffic all the way, and this is when it let up a bit.

Ahhh, Almost HOME!  I love my town.  It’s no cement jungle that’s for sure.  Have a great day everyone!

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  22 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday – I HATE TRAFFIC!”


    I hate traffic too. It’s lovely of you to tend to your mother’s grave.


    Hey you used to live in this Cement Jungle!!


    Traffic is the worst. I know your mom appreciated the flowers, all worth sitting in traffic for. I am taking my daughters to leave flowers at my grandma’s grave site on Friday, for Mother’s Day.


    I hardly ever have to drive anywhere, but when I do hit traffic, it’s the worst!


    I live in a little rinky dink town. Traffic is nada. But, I did live in the burbs of Chicago and that was madness!


    I do not miss that one bit! I remember being a prisoner in my home after 4:30 thanks to traffic.


    I too used to be a slave to the concrete jungle and it made me hate traffic. I love coming home. Great one today!

    I’m up too!

    The Misplaced Midwesterner


    I hate traffic. I don’t know how my husband does a 1 hr. commute twice a day every day. I could never do it!


    Its always good to be home. . .


    I love wordless wednesday – but I’m sorry you had to deal with so much traffic!


    Ahhh the traffic conundrum!

    what city is it?


    I hate traffic, too – at least you made it there and back safe and sound! 😉

    WW: Princess Dinosaur Cookies


    we are spoiled, not having to deal with traffic in so long… Hubby really despises it more than I. if we don’t have to go to the city we stay away, LOL! Happy WW.
    Faythe @GMT


    Oh man, I commute to work and I freakin’ hate it. I hate it almost enough to quit my job. Ugh!


    I agree, I hate traffic. Luckily I dont have to deal with it very often.


    Traffic is not my thing, I live in a very country setting and never get into a city area so I never have to experience too much traffic!

    Great pics and thanks for being my newest follower at Happily BLended!


    OK…now stop with the similarities. lol Yesterday hubby took me back to the hospital to see the surgeon for a follow-up. More than an hour to get there. And of course, EVERY pothole found our tires…needless to say what came out of my mouth being post surgery


    This is far better than what we had in Bangkok everyday 🙂

    My Wordless Wednesday
    Thailand In Photo


    I don’t mind traffic if I’m not in a hurry to be somewhere. Sometimes it’s my time to just be as I sing at the top of my lungs 🙂

    Thanks for following. I’m following you back 🙂


    traffic? Have you ever driven in Southern California on the freeways at rush hour? You can sit for hours. It is terrible. I have to leave for my moms at 5:30 AM to beat the traffic on a weekday. She only lives 30 miles away.


    Traffic sucks, but your photos are pretty. Love those blue skies!


    am I missing something. was there traffic in your pictures?

    If my freeway looked like that every time I got on it I would jump for joy.

    You don’t live in California do you? 🙂

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