May 072010

Happy Friday Follow, Aloha Friday & are you ready for the…

The BLOG HOP TAG? (Tune to Ball n’ the Jack)!
 First you put your two fingers close up tight
Then you hit duh link on da left, & then duh one on da right,
Search around the blogs & all in sight, &
then you hop around and hop around half the night.
Spread your lovin’ comments in Cyber Space
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Now you follow me, and I follow you back
That’s what I call duh

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Adventures of a Wanna-Be Supah Mommy

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My question is: Do  you have a black sheep in your family and how do you deal with tough love?

I have four children (all adults), and naturally there’s always one black sheep in every family I’m told.  I have one, my youngest son who ALWAYS has drama in his life, and runs to Mommy when he needs help to fix it, which is every time he’s in trouble, which is non-stop.  It gives me a headache, and always makes me feel bad like I’m his mom, and I have to help him.  I’m trying to practice the tough love, but sometimes it just isn’t within me to do it.  How do you handle it?  THANKS FOR STOPPING BY & HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!

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    We have had several but they were step children..So most don’t even come around any more.


    Don’t answer the PHONE!! luv u Mom!


    Hmm i guess my little brother is the only one i care for.. and he’s so rude and so manipulative with everyone.. and he’s just 12.. i would just take his Wii away, his phone, his computer, his pocket money and everything else he thinks it’s normal for him to have.. and just not give in until he changes all those bad habits he developed:) but I’m not his mom.. I’m just his sister:P darn it.. anyway here’s my Aloha!


    I don’t think we have a black sheep but we have one that is pretty close and well since I am not a big fan of drama, I just ignore it.

    Tough love is hard and I don’t envy anyone who has to deal with it.

    Happy Aloha Friday!


    Hello, from Friday Follow! Have a great weekend..and Happy Mother’s day if you’re a mommy!


    Just visiting from Friday Follow. When you get a chance, swing by my place and check out some great giveaways! Have a great weekend!



    Love the cat pic but don’t think I will be able to particpate with the dance for a while lol
    This ? was hard..can’t really say we have any “black sheep” but I have had to use tough love on a few occasions, it is definitely hard, draining and emotional but usually works.
    Stop by my blog, have something for you.


    Following you over from Friday Follow!

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    Happy Friday Follow! Happy Mother’s Day


    Seems like there are a lot of people on hubby’s side looking for donations. I screen my phone calls 🙂

    Have a great day!


    It’s my sister in our family. I deal with it by having nothing to do with her. My mom, on the other hand, just deals with it. I suppose that’s what makes moms so wonderful — they stick with you no matter what.


    Happy Friday Follow and good luck on the Toothsoap Giveaway! I just can’t get enough of your blog hop tag and now the cute dancing cat! Thanks so much for joining in.

    Happy Aloha Friday as well. I am an only child and some might say I am the black sheep. Hmm…



    No, black sheep so far. The blog hop tag is too cute!

    And stopping by from Friday Follow and now following.


    Happy Mother’s Day Dolly!


    I am following you from Friday Follow!

    Jeanette Huston


    Visiting from Friday Follow.
    We now follow you publicly through google friend connect. Please visit Mom to Bed by 8 and do the same.


    Thanks for following my blog, I’m already a follower of yours.



    Hey Dolly! Good to hear from you girl!

    I don’t know what I’m doing – I’m trying to follow these directions from this one site and go along with the protocol but I just might take the whole thing down Ugh! Let me go look at what you have up. Maybe I’ll do it that way. Happy Mother’s Day to you too!!!


    Not yet…crossing fingers. =D


    I don’t have one, but if I did, I would take away all luxuries!


    Hi I’m following you back, have a great Mother’s day!


    Thank you from another friday follower! You were the first to follow my blog. Favored has been returned. Have a great week!


    A brother or two, haha! But I love them unconditionaly but they make life hard for certain people but some people enable them, so….I just treat them as I do anyone.


    Yes, we definitely have a black sheep in our family but it would take me all day to tell you about it. :*(

    I’m following you back from Friday Follow.Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you will come back again really soon. I also hope you have an amazing weekend and a very HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! :0)


    Teresa <>< ♥ Too Many Heartbeats ♥


    It’s funny…the family members whom I consider to be the black sheep probably consider ME to be the black sheep, because I don’t bend to their ridiculous expectations or put up with their drama. They are older than me, as in way older. I know I should respect my elders but when they behave like children, I simply don’t put up with it and only see them when needed. When I became a mama myself, I realized that I don’t have time or energy for them anymore!

    Anyways…Happy Mother’s Day to one of the most awesome mamas I know!


    following you back, to me awhile I have been very busy. have a great week.

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