May 172010

Well, Saturday night my husband, and I went out to dinner and one of our favorite restaurants.  Pepe’s!  They have got fantastic food there, and when they make their Spanish rice oh boy, you have never tasted anything like it, fluffy and light.  Naturally, Dave keeps me laughing.  Oh no, he found three chips all in one!  You would think he found a treasure of gold! LOL

Okay, I’m not even going to begin to tell you what’s going on here because I was laughing to hard.  Dave, had his Mayan, which is Taco, Enchilada Suiza, and Tostada Suiza.

Then I decided to switch from my norm, which is the Fiesta which has a
Taco, enchilada suiza, tostada and a tamale. Instead I got some Steak Quesadillas Dinner. 

Quesadillas filled with grilled steak, pico de gallo and melted Chihuahua cheese. Served piping hot with their yummy fried beans, that fluffy Spanish rice I was telling you about, tasty guacamole and sour topping, and a
Birthday Margarita…  HEY! WAIT A MINUTE…  THAT’S MINE!!! 
“Just tasting”, he says!  
Oh Lordy, doesn’t that sound good? Well it was! Actually, we had a birthday coupon where we had Ten dollars off because we belong to their birthday club, and Dave’s birthday is next Sunday on the 23rd.  Actually the whole evening only cost us $30.00 including the tip.  Very reasonable I’d say!  We had tons of fun, and a great meal!
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    That sounds like a fun evening. Right now I”d love a hot bowl of rice with butter! I can’t wait to go home and make it!

    And he is a May baby like my son. Here’s to celebrating him! My son’s birthday is on the 19th of May. He’ll be precious five years old.

    Glad you had a great time out with the hubs.


    HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAY! all gemini’s are fabulous!

    wow dolly! i thought i was in a “chinese food” mood, but now i want mexican! yummy, yummy!

    glad you both had a ball!


    I love quesadillas too, but I get them just with cheese! That rice is sooooo good!


    Great, now I’m hungry. Oh those pictures! Happy Birthday Dave! Now let me go see if I have any refried beans in the cabinet.


    mmmm that margarita looks fabulous and tasty!!! Hope you both have Happy Birthdays!!! Following you back from the FF:)


    Aw, Happy Birthday to your sweetheart! So glad ya’ll had a great time. That birthday margarita sure looks tasty.


    Hey Everybody guess what I just found out CMash is a guess blogger at Midday Escapades, and she made a really neat post too! Check her out!


    Happy Birthday Dave Ya ol’ Geezer!
    Love the yummy food pictures and of course the yummy drink. I can go without watching Dave eat. lol.

    Ipa! Ipa!! Wooo whooo for Mexican one of my favorites!


    Hi there! thanks for stopping by my blog. Thought I’d stop on by to follow you back! Looks like you had a yummy dinner (Mexican food is my fave!)…mmm!! 🙂


    What a great night you seemed to have… Glad you had fun and happy birthday, Dave.


    Geez! Now I’m hungry!


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    I’ve been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

    Thumbs up, and keep it going!


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