May 192010

Yes, a little birdie whispered in my ear… better yet, “I HAD A DREAM LAST NIGHT”… of this on-line “eStore” with the brand products that I absolutely love.  Now here’s the clincher!  Not only are all my favorite products at my fingertips, but shipping is only $5.00 and then it came to me (hmm, not sure if it was the bird or the sandman), but for my first 25 Readers that would like to put in an order I have a $20 coupon off your first order of $25.00 or more with free shipping!  So, remember that show, “I’VE GOT A SECRET”?  Well, I do and I cannot tell you until May 20th, which is tomorrow!  Woo Hoo!  Check out my dream in living color!!!

An eStore shopper purchases innovative P&G products while experiencing exciting savings 
and a $5 flat rate on shipping.

 The eStore has been developed with shopper insight for shoppers to be a premier online retail site with new and better ways to shop online for household, beauty and grooming products. Prior to the national launch, the eStore enlisted 5,000 shoppers to guide the design and development of the “ideal” on-line shopping site.
*         Online shoppers helped to shape the features included as part of the launch site and get the right product mix on the shelf.
*         Shopper input affected site changes and enhancements including navigation, as well as promotions and coupons featured on the site.
*         In addition, the site offers a flat rate of $5 shipping regardless of quantity or size.

eStore shoppers will continue to see new services, features and tools that come directly from their input and suggestions.  The eStore will offer convenient purchase options for the breadth of P&G brands including Tide(r), Pampers(r), Olay(r), CoverGirl(r), Swiffer(r) and Febreze(r).

OH MY GOSH!  THEN I WOKE UP!  Gee, guess we’ll all have to wait until May 20th when I disclose the link to this fabulous new website!  Stay tuned to this station for tomorrow’s episode of:

THE UNVEILING OF THE eSTORE LINK TO:  P&G’s  eStore  (owned & operated by PFSweb and featuring P&G brands).  Right here at XmasDolly May 20, 2010.  I can’t wait!  Time to go shopping, that’s the thing, and you never have to leave home!

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  12 Responses to “Wordful Wednesday – Coming Soon at a Website near you!”


    That sounds great! Can’t wait.


    Whoa buddy, I’m in on that. See ya tomorrow morning…unless you’re starting the count now? Hey who doesn’t have $5 bucks after the $20 coupon.


    Oh now that’s exciting. You got the inside scoop wooot woot.


    Very cool!


    Can’t wait to see more. Happy WW! Thanks for dropping by!


    That’s a great deal. I think I’m going to be online shopping for a while now as my youngest has turned in to a nightmare in the stores. *sobs* Happy WW!


    This looks really interesting. Especially for a shopaphobic like me. Eek!


    Oooo! I will definitely drop in tomorrow I LOVE secrets especially if they are fun!

    also, Thank you so much for liking my blog enough to follow it…I am thrilled!

    See ya tomorrow!


    Um it’s May 20th 🙂 *giggle*

    Now do they take paypal? because this sounds fabulous!


    Happy May 20th! I googled and got their website, now I just need that coupon!! Smile. Good Morning.


    sounds wonderful!

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