May 262010

For my husband’s birthday on May 23rd, he had brunch in front of his computer.  I made him an omelet with a birthday candle in it!  Did I ever tell you that my husband always thanks me for his meal?  Yep, every single meal I make he’ll say, “Thanks for brunch, baby”!  ~hehe~  I think that’s kinda nice.

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    Happy Birthday Dave!
    You two are the cutest couple ever.


    that is so darn sweet that he thanks you everytime. What a great guy, and you are great too!!


    Now that’s a man that is grateful! My Boo’s birthday was the 22nd and he wanted an apple pie. When it came time to put in the candles, he said, “No.” I was so disappointed but he’s just not sentimental in that way. Hope he had a wonderful birthday!


    Love it! My mom once put a candle in a stack of crepes for me. 🙂


    LOL I do that too Jerry too That is funny Love it Great pic dave


    Awww that’s so sweet of him to say that. Btw, Happy Belated Birthday to your husband. You captured a great expression 😀


    Happy Belated Birthday to him…. Love the candle on his brunch and awww how sweet is that he thanks you every time… Awwww


    Happy birthday. It is great that he always thanks you for cooking.


    Happy birthday to your hubby. Great idea the Brunch. Mine is always in front of the computer,lol.
    My WW link for you making it easier to visit


    Great shot of your husband. I hope he had a happy birthday.


    What a fun idea! It so sweet of him to thank you.


    That is so sweet. It’s funny how the little things can mean so much.


    He’s lucky to have a wife like you! Blessings to you both!


    awww he’s seemed to be really so thankful! happy bday to your beloved! 🙂

    oh btw, have you found my GCF widget? its on my sidebar 🙂


    What a nice thing for you to do… I love the candle in the brunch, also, it was such a sweet thing.
    I think your hubby is really wonderful to thank you for every meal you make. You are both such terrific people, I am glad that you are my friends. 🙂


    Happy birthday to your husband. 🙂

    IT IS nice of him to thank you for every single meal that you make for him. That is more than just good manners… it’s appreciation and love. 🙂


    Happy B-day! and hubby sounds like a “keeper”!! Have a nice WW!
    Faythe @GMT


    How sweet that he thanks you! Hope he had a great Birthday!


    happy belated birthday to your hubs… and the fact that he says thank you for every meal is very sweet 🙂


    You both are so thoughtful =)


    A happy birthday! Too cute :o)

    My hubby always thanks me for our meals too…and raves on how delicious they are (hm….I have said that I think that part is just so that I keep making them! haha)

    Blessings & Aloha!


    happy late birthday!
    what a sweetie to always say thanks!

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