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So, as you all know a few months back I had a computer crash, and had to get a new computer.  First, we compared a few different brands on line such as E-Machine, Dell, HP, Compaq, and Packard Bell just to name a few.  I’m a transcriber, and I work out of my home as many of you know.  So, I have to have a good reliable computer, and  ordered a brand spanking new HP Pavilion Elite e9200z PC, but I sure wish I knew then what I know now.  I should have looked around for some HP coupons, and saved some money!

Now, I have a dilemma.  I have a medical disability, which is the main reason I work from home.  I have Spinal Stenosis.  Well, I also  have Venous Insufficiency, which makes my legs and feet swell twice their size, and actually hurt.  I need to put them up, but I can’t get at  my computer from the recliner or wherever.  My stool under my desk works for a while, but eventually without thinking they come down, and then they grow numb and start to hurt.  I thought maybe if I get a laptop I can lay on the couch with my legs up or especially the recliner.  Now my birthday is coming up, and I’ve been hinting around to the hubby.  Sure hope he gets the hint.  I’ve been checking the different sites for deals like for savings and once I print out ads or actually look for them in the paper I can lay them around.

So, what do you think?  Anybody have any other ideas for me for little clues to leave around or do?  I sure could use some help on this, but they definitely have to be “MONEY SAVINGS CLUES”!
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Okay, my birthday is in two weeks, so we have to get moving.  Come on bloggies buds let’s put our heads together, and come up with some cool ideas!  THANKS BUNCHES!  YOU ROCK!Double Kiss

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    LOL You and me both! I need (want) a laptop too. I have the same swelling issue with my ankles/legs, and do alot of designing, so I’m at my computer ALOT! I have a laptop, but it’s OLD.

    I swear by Dell. And my cousin is a computer geek and also swears by Dell…everyone in the family has them. LOL

    Good luck!


    You are so cute with the smileys! I am still learning to save money myself so I don’t have any ideas. But I know you will find exactly what you need. Happy early birthday!



    We just got an HP laptop and I really like it. We found a good sale at office depot, I think. Have you tried ebates? You get cash back everytime you purchase something online through them. I made $40 just doing some christmas shopping through their site.


    I wish I know any ideas. I got mine from babysitting and saving all the little dollars.

    I’m just getting used to it.

    I hope dh gets the hint. How about putting a big laptop photo on the fridge. toilet, car. lol along with coupons places etc.


    I don’t have one either but I think a garage sale is where I’d start saving for one. I hope you get one soon!


    I’m always kind of blunt about what I want. You could write him a note on the bathroom mirror in lipstick or even draw a picture of a laptop. I can tell you that you need to do a lot of research before buying one. You want to get one that won’t get too hot sitting on your lap or the couch if you don’t plan on getting a laptop cooler. My laptop is an Asusu gaming laptop so it gets up to 93 degrees celcius. So, we bought a Antec laptop cooler off of Amazon. LOVE it!


    I e-mail my husband a wish list of everything I could ever want near birthdays, anniversaries, and Christmas to every single one of his e-mail accounts and I always leave a list in his computer bag and I programmed it in his Blackberry. I have it saved on my compute rand I just updated it every year.

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