Jun 022010
Now, don’t say I never invited you guys over cuz  y’all been hangin’ out on my front porch long enough!!!

For more WW, visit Seven Clown Circus by clicking on her button below or her link, and take a look around while your there. It’s a great blog with many interesting things to read, and do! I love browsing around at her site.

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    …so where is the tea? 🙂 j/k

    Thanks for inviting us over. Nice lawns. Looks like a nice neighborhood for kids to run about.

    Happy WW!


    THought that looked familiar…LOL ARE ya home tomorrow I want to come over. HEY I”M A finalist at MOMDOT MOM in the water slide giveaway!!VOTE FOR 12 TWELVE

    I”m #12!! VOTE 12 http://www.momdot.com/finalists-for-the-slam-n-curve-voting


    That is one cool cactus!


    Thanks for the invite =)


    LMAO…can’t even type what I am thinking in regards to the #2 picture.


    Cool porch!! So inviting!!! Hey, we have a lot of cactuses over here! Oh wait…is it cacti???? Yeah, I think it is!! Cactuses–LOL!


    Awww. Thanks for having me over!


    If I am ever driving by I will remember all the yard art and stop in a say hi. 🙂


    Thanks for letting me come over and hang out! What a great idea! Now, can we have virtual margaritas to go with hanging out on the deck?

    I re-posted about donating coupons to the military families overseas. You asked me to let ya know! http://thefrugalkennedys.blogspot.com/2010/06/donate-your-expired-or-unwanted-coupons.html

    You are also welcome to come by and link up your WW post! http://thefrugalkennedys.blogspot.com/

    Happy WW!


    You make it so interesting there! I have nothing like that. 🙁


    Very nice! Your cactus picture would go great on my blog today! 🙂


    Thanks for having us over! You have a lovely front porch.


    It’s been a lovely visit! remind me, did we have coffee, tea or strawberry margaritas?? and don’t let me sit on the cactus next time! I’m still pulling prickers out! LOL!
    Faythe @GrammyMousetails


    There are some pretty pieces there. Thanks for showing us. And thanks for the award!


    These pictures are so awesome! Such a clever thing to invite us over to your front porch!


    Thanks for the invite LOL!

    My Wordless Wed. is at http://theapels.blogspot.com/2010/05/brothers.html


    Oh Dolly! How lovely. Those alters or displays are just beautiful and your beautiful plants. Thanks for the invite, I loved it. Big Smile.



    LOVE the swans! And that cactus is HUGE!! 🙂 Thanks for inviting us over! 😉


    Well, how ’bout you let us IN??? I’d love to come in and have some sweet tea with you and a nice long talk.
    You know you can come over my house anytime you are in the area!

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