Jun 042010

A friend of mine started “Friday Photo Flashback” because of having so many pictures from her PRE-digital camera days. She thought it would be fun to scan them and share them here with you. I’m having so much fun doing this, that I would love for you to join me, too! So dig out the photo albums and put your scanner to good use! Don’t forget to sign in to MckLinky so we can all visit and comment on each others blogs!  I personally think it’s a great idea, and sounds like fun!  I totally love old pictures.  Hey I use to have a camera like that.

Remember this lady?  This is my wonderful Aunt Mitzi!  The woman is a Saint!  I love her dearly.  Right now though she’s in Maryland in a therapy hospital due to a fall, and she fractured her hip.  Your prayers for her would be appreciated.  As she told me she’s not ready to throw in the towel!  Gotta love that woman, and I really do!  She’s like a second Mom to me.

But back to our Photo Flashback, above you see is her Wedding Photo when she married my Uncle Jimmy, my mother’s brother.  The lady sitting down on the right is my Mom, and to her left is my dad.  I believe this was 1947 or 1948.  Below that picture is my Mother’s whole family.  Starting from the left back roll is Grandpa Tom, Uncle Jim, and my Uncle Frank.  The Right to left is my Grandma Nelly, Aunt Nina, Aunt Tillie, and my Mom (Carmelina), and the child is my Aunt Joann.   Have a wonderful weekend!

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  11 Responses to “FRIDAY PHOTO FLASHBACK!”


    Lots of prayers for your Aunt Mitzi’s recovery…she’s got a great spirit which should help! She was a beautiful bride. Lovely pictures!


    My prayers to your aunt sweetie.

    Next week you can do any kind of post you want..put up the badge for following friday..and fly to other posts as much as you want.

    So glad that you are flying with us.



    I’m sure Aunt Mitzi will heal just fine. It sounds like she’s a woman who lets nothing keep her down.

    Also, love love love these photos!


    I love these old photographs. My prayers are with Aunt Mitzi!


    oh how wonderful!!!!! and she’s in my prayers!

    have a fabulous weekend.


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    Have a great day.


    Prayers for your aunt’s speedy recovery! I love her wedding photos! Aw…how cute is your Aunt Joann’s pose :o(

    Blessings & Aloha!


    My prayers and love to Aunt Mitzi! 🙂 She seems be such a darling lady! And the wedding pics are straight out of that era..LOVED them! Your blog is so full of life and love:)


    I absolutely adore old B&W photos.Thoughts and prayers to your Aunt Mitzi.


    Definitely sending up prayers for your dear auntie.

    And those photos are so nice to have. Beautiful photos too.

    Oh those were the days of elegance.

    She is a beautiful bride.

    Thanks for sharing this.


    Great photos, your aunt sound like someone with a lots of life in her yet, I wish her well and a speedy recovery.

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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