Jun 052010

What seems centuries ago I can remember begging my father to teach me how to drive.  Some of his many excuses were I’m too tired or we can’t afford it, you’re not driving my car, learn the book, or my favorite,  “Insurance cost too much”!

Today’s insurance doesn’t cost any where near what it use too!  The rules for obtaining insurance have also changed, but so has the law.  Now, it is the “LAW” you MUST have car insurance or be ticketed, and fined.  If you drive a car on public roads, you have to be insured. If you’re not you’re at risk of a fine and even losing your car. The law says that drivers must have insurance against third party injury or property damage claims. This means if you were to cause personal injury to someone else or damage their property, you would have insurance to cover their claim. The law also says that the insurer must provide a car insurance certificate as evidence that you even have insurance.

Today we have the Internet, and Google to look up all of our questions.  We could sit there all day, and try to figure which site to go too.  Well, that nonsense is over! There’s a website called AutomobileInsurance.me.  It gives you the auto insurance basics, and explains everything from A to Z.  Most importantly it gives you  quotes.  No waiting!  AutomobileInsurance.me explains student driver questions, compares Auto Insurance companies to fit your situation, and needs.  So come on, you know you want too!  At least get a quote to see if  you can save a little cash.  Just click AutomobileInsurance.me and get a quote, browse around, answer a few questions that’s been bugging you for centuries.

Good luck, and the only advice I can give is the same my Dad gave to me, “You got to have eyes in your butt, when you get behind the wheel of a car, but you have to have financial coverage if you want to stay out  from behind bars!”

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  5 Responses to “REMEMBER WHEN?”


    Your dad was a very smart man !!! Wish I knew about this site aa few years ago…could have probably helped when my boys were under the age of 21…and you know what that means has far as premiums. BIG $$$$$$


    you should be a writer – tho’ you review very well! very interesting!


    (clearing throat) She is a writer and this is a great post


    Your dad keeps it real! I just hate the actual process of comparing rates, don’t you?


    Your dad sounds quite funny! 🙂 eyes in your butt? I love it!

    Dh explained all this insurance bit to me a couple years ago too. Oy! The woman that hit our car didn’t have enough insurance to cover the five people she hit including us!

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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