Jun 082010

Streator, Illinois is the town where my youngest son lives with his significant other Jenny, and his daughter Tatyanna 11, and their daughter Janessa three.  They live in a house trailer.  When they heard the sirens go off they ran down a few trailers down to Jenny’s Mom, they got in her car with the Mother, and Step-Dad, and went to Jenny’s brother’s house to wait it out in the basement.  This video shows the after effects of the tornado that touched down on 6/5/2010……. My son went out, and captured some of the devestation caused by the tornado.  His statement:  “I wanted people who have friends and family here to see some of what happened…thank you for your prayers and good wishes”.

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    oh i hope everything is still intact for them!!!!

    love the picture!


    That’s terrible. I’m so glad your son, Jenny, and the kids and rest of the family are okay. (Cute picture.)


    aww..man! I lived in Texas, and got to see this stuff once in a while!

    Good to hear your son and family are fine.


    I’m glad that your family is safe because that is the most important thing. I’ve never seen or been in a Tornado before, but I can imagine that it is very terrifying. The video clearly shows the damage it caused.



    Well, you didn’t mention if any damage was done to their trailer…I do hope that all is okay for them. It would be so disheartening to have colossal damage done and lose everything!!!


    It sounds like your son and family had a good plan, Thank God. As a person who has lived most of my life in parts of Hurricane country, I understand the devastation that weather can wreak. My heart goes out to those effected in this particular event.


    The power of the tornado is absolutely amazing. I’m so glad your son and family were safe!


    I’m so glad your family was alright. It’s so devastating and one of nature’s fury that it’s hard to prepare for.

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