Jun 102010

 My electric knife finally got the better of me.  I couldn’t get those blades to lockt for love nor money!  I’d maneuver them in there, and they would pop out even though they clicked. What was the name?  Hmmm, wish I knew so I can tell you.  I buried that dam thing so deep in my garbage that it should be at the bottom of a garbage pile somewhere in no man’s land.

My darling daughter (NightOwlMama) gave me a new one!  Actually, it’s an extra she got from her wedding shower! LOL  You know how you get five toasters, and three or four electric knives.  Well, I say bless you!  Hurray for doubles because Mama reaped the rewards.  I so love my electric knife!  See my Pork Roast?  Look at those perfect slices.  I can’t wait to use it at Thanksgiving time.  Ahhhhh!  You see you don’t really need any extra skills to cut slices, thick or thin, from roasts, ham, turkey, and bread with the powerful 100-watt electric knife in this carving set.   All you have to do is get a grip the handle, pull the trigger, draw the knife in a straight line, and let the two serrated blades, which saw back and forth at high speed, do the work.  EEEE-HA Slap my back and call me Annie Oakley!  It’s effortless and safe. This knife also comes with a two-pronged fork in a compact storage case made of flexible plastic, with a foam insert molded to hold the set. The 7-1/2-inch knife blades and the 12-inch fork are made of stainless steel. The fork is dishwasher-safe too, but the blades should be hand washed in hot, soapy water.      

  • Nonslip trigger                                                                            
  • Easily carves meats & slices breads
  • Stainless steel blades & carving fork
  • Compact storage case

My Hamilton Beach Carve ‘n Set is quite easy to put together, and  use too!  Hmmm, how did that commercial go… Plop, Plop, Fizz, Fizz,  Oh, what a relief it is!….  Ooops!  Silly me, that was Alka Seltzer!  LOL  But it is truly relief!  I don’t have to worry cutting off any fingers, poking anybody’s eye out by a flying blade or having a nervous breakdown because I can’t figure the dam thing out!  Hamilton Beach, my fingers thank you, my husband thanks you (so I don’t drive him crazy any more), and I thank you!  Have a great day everybody!  Come back soon!

Disclaimer:  This review is based upon my opinions, and thoughts alone.  Please note that my opinions reflected in this post have not been influenced by the manufacturer  in any way.

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  3 Responses to “HAMILTON BEACH Carve N’ Set”


    I actually have that and absolutely love it. It is smooth and easy!


    What a blessing!!

    I need a knife like that! LOL


    I have one as well and love it.

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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