Jun 192010

So, as you all know it was my birthday last Sunday on the 13th, and what did I get for my birthday WELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL,  I got Shape-Ups new from Skechers.  I’ve been wanting these for a while, and my Son-in-law and Daughter (NightOwlMama) got them for me.  WOO HOO!

Shape up while you walk!  Hmmm, Easy for them to say.  When I tried them on at the store there was another lady walking around with them trying to see if she could balance herself.   “It makes you walk with good posture”, she said.  I learned that you also have to put your heel down first, and then walk into the step. Heel – Toe. Heel – Toe.  Personally, I think these shoes are going to be for walking around the house at first then on to the health club.  My feet have a tendency to get hot fast.  So, maybe I’ll look into those Skechers sandals.  Hmmm.

So, here’s what I’m going to do.  This will be “Part I” of my Skechers Adventure, and I we keep you posted as to how I like them, and what they’ve done for me.  I’m also hoping they will help my back.  Having Spinal Stenosis is no fun, believe me.  We’re still working on the problem, and I hope they find some solution soon.  The booklet says Shape-Ups are designed to promote weight loss, strengthen back, firm calf, and buttock muscles, reduce cellulite, and tone your thighs, increase cardovascular health, improve posture, and reduce stress on knee and ankle joints.  Okay, that’s a whole lot of work to do just for a little pair of shoes, but we’re all going to find out over the next month or so.

“The studies show that Shape-ups‘ dynamic rolling bottom, soft foam insert and dual-density midsole may produce real results. Check out the results from the tabs above to learn how you can get in shape without setting foot in a gym!”  Seems to me waitresses would benefit by these shoes drastically for one.  Maybe I should have had these when I was working downtown walking to and from the train station!  I must say they are extremely comfortable.  It’s like walking on soft pillows, a cushions or even on a cloud in my bare feet.  It also states that not only do they strengthen your muscles, but they also increase blood flow, and reduce the impact on your joints, and lower back.  Ahhh, that’s for me.

They come with blue or white shoe strings, and they’re quite stylish!  So, here we go;  Straight and tall, improves blood circulation, posture, strengthens back, firms buttocks, tightens abdomen, reduces cellulite and tones thighs, and firms calf muscles.  They recommend starting out with five to ten minute increments.  Okay, sounds good to me.  That will be done in the house until I get use to keeping my balance.  Since my back surgery I have this phobia of falling – so not good!  So, in the house will be fine for a while.  Then we’ll venture outside maybe in the drive-way with my cane up & down.  That sounds good.  So, until next time and Part II of my Skechers Shape-Up Adventure!  “These Shoes were made for walking, and that’s just what they’ll do”!


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    I will be very interested to see how you adapt to them. I think it must give your calves a bit of a workout from what I read. I’ve considered them for myself but I think I’ll wait to hear your verdict first.

    Blessings and hugs,



    I always wondered how these shoes work…

    Hope you had a great birthday!


    I keep hearing more about these! I don’t now if I would be coordinated enough to make them work how they are supposed to!

    You will have to let me know what you think. I really need to get back to walking! I havent since last summer…I blame the cold weather (yeah, I live in southern, coastal Georgia!) But I get cold easy…um now that it is way hot…my excuse is now cuz it is toooo hot!

    Blessings & Aloha!
    thank you for following me…I’m following you now :o)


    Well goodness, I didn’t realize it was your birthday!!

    Happy Belated Birthday 😀 😀 😀

    I really hope you had a wonderful day-By your present, I’d say you got what you wanted!

    I can’t wait to read more about your ‘sketcher adventure.’ I’ve actually been looking into these myself cause of the back issues and muscle atrophy, so your testimony will be helpful 🙂


    I can’t wait to hear what you think about these – I have wondered about them because I heard they are supposed to help your back. I’m curious if they help the stenosis at all, because on top of my neuropathy, arthritis, and disc problems, I also have spinal stenosis. (Yeah, I know, with all these problems, shoes are the LEAST of my worries – HaHa.)
    Can’t wait to hear your experiences.


    I can’t wait to by me some. TEST yours out an let me know how they work for you…Then I’ll decide or borrow yours. LOL


    I definitely want to hear more about this. I don’t think I will buy one, but still would love to read a real review from someone I know.

    Sounds like you have a good plan to start out so be careful.


    I want a pair!!!! I keep hearing good stuff about them!!!



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