Jun 252010

Today is the day I let you in on my little secret.  I have been accepted for a scholarship at the Delnor Health and Wellness Center in my neighborhood.  Last Monday was my first day, and I signed up for their Water Aerobics.  First let me tell you I was diagnosed with Spinal Stenosis in 2006.  I’ve had surgery (L4&5 fused together), but it hasn’t done any good.  Actually, it’s been getting worse.  I’ve decided to do something about this on my own (being as there isn’t a doctor out there that can help me thus far).  The first thing on my agenda is to lose weight.  As I have told you, my darling daughter bought me the Sketchers, and recently she won the ShatoBu, which is a tummy shaping, muscle toning, and calorie burning shaper.  The workout you wear!  I will be doing an update on my Sketchers (possibly tomorrow).  I have weighed in on Monday, and I shall be keeping a log as to how much I lose each week.  What you see to your right is the scale in the Women’s Locker room (which has recently been remodeled).

What you see here is to your left is the Delnor Health and Wellness Center.  This is not only a health club, but it’s also where therapy is done for all sorts of health problems young and old alike.  They also have personal training available,and you can even schedule a massage.

Below are the showers (to the right), and straight ahead is the Whirlpool that  you can sit in after a good workout!  Also, to the left they do have steam rooms. To the right is our track and treadmills etc. Some of the pictures are from the website because I found out that I couldn’t take pictures unless I had permission, which I’m looking into.  I’ll be filling you in from time to time, and let you know how I’m doing.

So that’s my update for  now.  More to come on Tuesday.  Stay tuned for the new life for XmasDolly (I hope.  Do wish me  luck I’m afraid I’m going to need it this time.  Have a wonderful weekend).


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My question is:  What is your favorite way to lose weight that works?

Mine is the no white diet.  No bread, pasta, etc.  It worked once for me.  Now, I  have to see if I can do it again.

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    weight watchers!
    check out my ALOHA FRIDAY question here


    I have to limit my sweets and walking helps me lose weight.


    Wii Fit. In a couple of months I lost over 30lbs it really works


    The fitness club looks awesome. I recommend walking and/or swimming daily. It has helped tremendously with my scoliosis.


    Funny you should ask…I have put on many pounds since my surgery eating ice cream (my comfort food) but have said no more…I did this last year but put it back on..lost 25lbs and going to reorder this weekend. I will be doing a Marie Osmond for the 2nd time..Nutrisystem.


    P.S. Good luck !!!!


    I do weight watchers and LOVE it! I have a lot more freedom with this! Our mantra is “It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle”. I am also doing the C25K which is a running interval program.


    I don’t diet, but do try to eat healthilly and execise regularly – I agree about wii fit, its fun and you work out without realising it!


    I’m so glad you are going out to find help for your health. I totally support you.

    It will be hard but it’s good. It’s worth it.



    Weight Watchers.


    wish i could help ya…
    i have not found anything to work for me


    That is SO incredible Dolly, seriously, I am so happy for you over here!!!

    It’s one thing to talk about changing your lifestyle, but it’s a whole other thing to actually take ACTION (and I would know LOL).

    You’re definitely going to have to keep us updated on the gym, therapy and weight loss thing 😀

    As for your question, my favorite thing to lose weight has to be pole dancing-It’s fun and you don’t even realize your working out! LOL

    Although I do love the treadmill too. And riding my bike. And hiking. And Kayaking. Let’s just say I’m an exercising fool! he he.


    My favorite way to lose weight is by drinking two glasses of water before every meal!!! It fills up my tummy faster and I get to peed it out too! 😀 Works purty good for me!


    The health center looks really awesome!!!

    I also am doing Zumba and have been feeling great!!!

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