Jun 272010

I told you I’d give you an update on my Skechers Shape-Ups, and here it is.  I’ve been walking on these at the health club, and around the house.  One thing I found out about them is they’re heavy, and hot!  I use those little footie socks, and that seems to help some.  Heel/Toe, Heel/Toe that’s the key to these shoes otherwise, you’ll stop yourself short, and trip yourself up.  It definitely makes you stand up straight, so it does give you better posture.

I also have to admit that these shoes have the most cushion in them then I’ve ever bought.  They are so, so, comfy.  They’re like walking on pillows tied to my feet.

So there you have Skechers has my vote as far as comfort and fit.  Now if they help with the exercise, toning, etc., I’ll let you know in a few weeks.  The Skechers Shape-ups shoes, and I have become one!  I always did love comfort!

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  6 Responses to “Update on my Shape-Ups Skechers”


    Thank you for your update. I have always wondered about these.


    I can not believe the base on the shoes. They add inches to your height. Very strange to walk in for the first 10 minutes that I wore them in the store. I’m still not sure if I want a pair.

    I think all gym shoes are hot in the summer! I like my toes aired out! lol

    Good to hear they are comfy for you. Cant wait for your next update


    I have the Skechers shape-up flip/flops (in two different colors) and I absolutely love them. I can walk forever in those shoes and they are sooooooo comfortable. Am I shaping up? Well, I don’t know yet. *heh*


    I saw this other blogger try these for a few weeks and then gave us the update with a before and afer picture of her ass! Big difference in just 6 weeks! It’s because of that, that I want a pair! They do work!


    I like real reviews like this.

    I definitelyb want to hear more in the coming weeks to see if its toning.


    Thank you for the update, I was wondering how you were doing with your shoes. Do you think these have anything to do with your pain in your back? Just curious…
    I’m glad that you find them so comfy, I have been looking for a pair that are really comfortable, but I also want something that is cool because it is SO hot down here. I may need to keep looking.
    I can’t wait for your next update.

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