Jun 302010

GOOD MORNING EVERYONE!  I guess I forgot to post my Wordless Wednesday last night.  So, sorry!  Well, this morning I slept late needless to say.  These pain killers the doctor has me on is really kicking my butt!  I can have a good couple of hours where I’m totally wide awake Eyes Poppin
and then I could have an hour of Whoa 

Then I could have a morning like today where I just can’t wake up Falling Asleep.

Today I go to the health club, and I’ll take you with me on the short ride there.  Our first picture is our morning sky above our little town Batavia, IL., and our next picture is the bridge of Fox river in downtown Batavia going west on our short little ride.  Our next picture is our Gazebo on the river, which is across from the Batavia Police Station and park.  OOOPS!  How did that get in there!

No, THIS is our Gazebo!!!  LOL  Yep, it’s right on the Fox River.  Well, I  hope you enjoyed our little ride.  Don’t forget to check out my give-away and put your entry in.  Today is the last day!  For all of you that enjoy Rock & Roll or just listening music the CD is free to two lucky winners!  Link is to the right at the top of my blog!  Thanks so much!  For all those who are reading this and want to enter you have a 2 FREE entries  Just type:  Rock & Roll  Lives! 


And just a mile down Randall Road on Delnor property we arrive at the Delnor Health and Wellness Center where patents also come for physical therapy, and people come to get fit and their daily exercise!  Have a great day, and thanks for keeping me company on our little ride.  Waving

For more WW, visit Seven Clown Circus by clicking on her button below or her link, and take a look around while your there. It’s a great blog with many interesting things to read, and do! I love browsing around at her site.


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  11 Responses to “HAPPY WW!”


    I love riding with you!Hope you are feeling better!I am stumped on what CRS stands for !You must come over and tell me!!!:)


    Love that gazebo! oh, and rock n roll lives!! 🙂


    Oh my! I would love to have coffee while sitting in that gazebo!


    Great Shots =)


    It’s very pretty out there where you live!!!!!


    That Gazebo Pic is gorgeous you need to water mark it so no one snatches it. Use Photobucket It’s B E A Utiful


    Look how gorgeous those pictures are!! I know beautiful it is when you hit southern IL 🙂

    Speaking of which, you are only like an hour and a half away from me…..Can you say ROAD TRIP!? he he.

    When I’m able to drive, I’m so heading down your way ^.^


    Hey next time let’s stop and go to the gazebo – it looks so peaceful. Hope you’re feeling better. I finally made me a button for my blog – huff & puff -so come grab it when you can. I have yours up and running already. Smile. No rush, please, only when and if you remember it.



    I’m loving that gazebo! I need a weekend getaway from the kids! Yes I said it!

    Enjoy your time there woman!

    Thanks for sharing the journey


    love the gazebo pic…
    that would be beautiful hung up…


    Thank you for taking me on your morning ride. It is a great little town and I love the gazebo. I hope you are feeling better by now.

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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